27 hp head gasket. exmark laser

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    :confused::hammerhead:i am replacing a head gasket on a laser w 150 hrs on it 27 hp. kohler... does anyone know if i need to take out motor or can i do it attached .. also do i need to do both heads if only 1 is leakn?? whats the best way to check head GLass?? can i use indian gasket to help w next time.. its a gasket sealer...thanks guyz...:):)*
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    If you havent done alot of them, its probably easier to pull the engine.
    Not too bad of a job....remove the bumper, 2 belts, 4 engine bolts.

    The heads should be resurfaced, Aluminum heads will be slightly warped (out of flatness) when they are removed, if the engine has run 10 hours or more. Kohler allows the heads to be .003 out of flat . This assumes the block is perfectly flat.

    Do not use high speed air tools to clean these surfaces as they will gouge them. I use a straight edge razorblade to scrape what I can , and finish it off with a worn piece of sandpaper. This is time consuming, but not as much as doing it twice or damaging the block so that a head gasket will never seal (new shortblock time).

    Get a piece of 1/4 inch plate glass and put a sheet of sandpaper on it. move the head over the sanding block until flat. ( A little over simplified ,but you get the idea)
    Replace both head gaskets at the same time so that you wont have to revisit this.

    Here are your torque specs ( all in inch pounds)
    HEADS 300 in
    INTAKE 88in
    ROCKER ARMS 100in

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    thanks so much... u dont happen to know the foot pounds??? for the head etc... i dont have an inch lb wrench..:rolleyes:
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    You really don't want to attempt a conversion from inch pounds to foot pounds so you can use the big torque wrench you apparently already have. Even if your current wrench had enough adjustability to cover these lighter torque specs, it would be at the very bottom of its range.

    Buy (or borrow) a proper inch pound wrench to get the accuracy you need.

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