27 hp LC Kawasaki compression ?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Wing 97, Mar 30, 2007.

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    I have a 60 inch Exmark Lazer with a 27 hp licquid cooled Kawasaki engine with 1700 trouble free hrs. Last season it started to make a random piffing sound (best written description) most noticable at idle with some loss of power. I finally decided to address the issue this spring. So far I tried to spray carb cleaner around all intake gaskets when running to see if the engine changed tune but nothing noticable. I have changed spark plugs and cleaned the air cleaner. It really sounds like it is coming from the intake manifold and I have ordered gaskets. When I did a compression check one cylinder was 120 psi and the other was 115 psi. Is this a normal reading for this engine? Has anyone else had a similar experience? Thanks for any input!
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    I would say 120 is real good compression. It sounds like you need to adjust the valve lash.
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    Khouse is right on with the valve clearance adjustments. Kaw recommends adjustment every 300 hours as I recall. Gernerally, I find the exhaust valve more out of adjustment than the intake.

    I worked on a WC 22 Kaw horizontal about a year ago that was 12 years old and it had compression of about 190 as I recall. I may be completely off base but it seems as though as new compression was near 225. On the other hand this 68 year old brain doesn't recall like it use to either. I don't work in a shop envoirnment anymore so don't have access to manuals to check it out.

    Restro will be along with all the right answers.

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    I just went out to look at my Kaw wall chart which does give minimum compression and Khouse is correct. The chart shows a minimum of 107. On the 22 that I worked on the minimum is 170.

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    I agree with khouse and Dutch on checking the valves.

    Here is the proper procedure should you need it.


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