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    I'm currently running a 48" SCAG Tiger Cub. Thinkin about upgrading to a 61" Turf Tiger with 27 Liquid cooled KAWISAKI. The Cub has a 20 KOHLER. It's been okay, I've just heard a lot of good things about KAWI. Give me some pros and cons of liquid cooled versus air. Also, I believe SCAG has made some improvements to the 2002 TURF TIGERS. Has anyone out there tried one??? Thanks for the input.....
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    The 27hp Kaw has ample power for the 61" cut mower. This is a work horse engine, seen no major problems with this new engine. As for liquid cooled vs. air, liquid does seem to run a little cooler and more effecient. With proper maint. you should get more hours before major overhauls on a liquid cooled. For the little money difference, I would choose liquid cooled.
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    I have this engine in my 60" Lazer. Like it a lot! They are able to run clearances in the engine a little tighter when its a LC'ed. It is also a LOT quieter.

    Did hear however that SCAG's radiator design is prone to clog with grass clippings. The Exmark wavy radiator cover still lets in pleanty of air even when its totally clogged. Just something to watch out for on the SCAG's.

    You may want to wait, Kawi just came out with a 29hp EFI version of this same engine! Said to be better on gas than the 2bbl carb on the 27's. Not that the 27's are all that hard on gas. When your working them though, they do get thirsty!
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    We own 3 Tigers. 2) 61 inch 25hp Kohler and 1) 72 inch 27hp Kaw. No comparison. I wouldn't buy until my dealer let me try it on some of our jobs. Fantastic. It will run circles around the 61s. Raditor screen is prone to clog, but not so much as to worry about it throughout the day. End of the day slide it out and hold it infront of a blower, wide open, slip it back in. One of our machines has over 1500 hrs, plan on the Kaw running much longer. I don't know if there is an additional air filter kit avavilable, but that would help. MY COUPLE OF LINCOLN HEADS

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