270 trees in a week?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by dbartok, Feb 7, 2008.

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    look into Gator Bags.....as well.
    tree booms are nice but I think you'll end up doing less damage just using a skid with forks on it... if he;s picking trees up off the ground, he'll have to have a person with him to hook the boom to each tree, or get in and out the cab. with forks, and a good operator, he'll never have to get out of the cab, and if you have a helper with him, you could squeeze two trees on the forks. Just remember to wrap the back of the forks with burlap to protect the trunks.
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    You da man. That's a hell of a contract for only being in business for 2 years.
    What are "street trees" ?
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    street trees are the trees that line the median and sides of the roads - this is a master planned 350 acre development with a colllege apartments home depot residential subdivisions and alot of other commercial.

    We are just doing the entrances and main roads through the development and will eventually also have residnetial entrances

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    this time of the year youre gonna destroy turf and get stuck buddie, figure in extra time and dirt for that, and we did this before when i worked for one of the big box companies, the weather screwed us over repeatidly so we were lucky to get 80 trees in by the end of a full week, that was with 6 guys and one (me) in the bobcat, first walked the site marked out what trees went where, then pallet forked all the balls in off the tractor trailer to their spots, then hooked up the 36 inch auger and we did what we could.

    if you have any kind of a performance bond or a failing to finish the work within a certain amount of time fine then id be a little scared, youd need 2 machines to be able to knock it out in 5 nice days in my opinion, and for each working bobcat have one guy rolling the tree in and cutting half the cage off with bolt cutters and peeling the burlap back a bit, and 2 guys covering up and grading to keep at a steady pace but if its a govt contract then you might not be making enough off the job to make this all worthwhile
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    In my opinion it would be an easy job to do using a small backhoe (like a Terramite or Allmand)....The loader can be used to move the trees from the staging areas to the holes
    .....one man on the hoe and the other man planting / staking the tree / watering....
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    I am from the triangle area. i have bobcat's with augers, and bobcats with preparators for sod prep. I have one on tracks and one on tires. Save yourself the rental, I could put a man on one for cheaper than rent. And I have people. and I'd be glad to help you out. We have full coverage insurance and worker's comp, so you could sub it and take a huge credit by sending us a 1099. Also, if your haven't lined this up alrady, I can get your trees on site for much cheaper than you could imagine. Good stuff too. Call my cell at 910 890 3358 and if I don't pick up, leave me a message. I could help you make this project look good, and yeah, i'll sign a no compete no problem.
  7. AGLA

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    So far, only one guy has claimed to actually have tried to do this. He says 80 trees. I think the rest of you are extremely optimistic.
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    MowJoe Landscaping shoot me an e-mail DBartok@hotmail.com We might be able to work out a good deal.
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    it can be done.. a few weeks ago i had one guy call out. me and one other guy with a toro dingo did 40 - 2.5" cherries in a long day, had a 2 min lunch. planted, mulched staked. these were street trees as well probably about 40' apart..you get 2 big machines in there your gonna have a lot of handraking to do. my opinion since your doing the fine grading is to rent 2 dingos to minimize the disturbance. one w/ forks the other with augers. i think 4 guys could do this in a week assuming your all your material is on site. i think 6 guys would be overkill on this job. i would say 4 no more than 5.. one on the auger, one running the trees to the whole and 2 guys to plum, stake and mulch....

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    so howd it go??

    or are you still working on it....:)

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