27HP Kohler 66inch wont cut

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by Maz, May 5, 2013.

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    Hello, I am having problems with my hustler 66 cut 27hp air cooled kohler. Just replace battery at the end of summer last year and this year it starts right up as usual but when I engage blades I get a large power loss. If I am moving and engae the machine lags enough to almost throw me off. Once the blades get to speed and I try to cut the mower immediately bogs down and stall. Whne I try and restart I have to open the choke slightly to get it restarted and it will do the same thing again. Plz advise as I need to get cutting.
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    I have a Super Z 66-in deck with the Kawasaki 35hp twin, it also bogs down when engaging the deck, I think this is typical as it is a heavy load to get the blades spinning, but once up to speed mine does fine. So if your's does not, check the underside of your deck to verify it is clean, not clogged, has nothing wrapped around your blades/spindles, if that is all good next step is to verify that you have greased the spindles and checked all your belts and pulleys. Something is causing a lot of drag. Good luck.
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    How old is your unit and how many hours do you have on it. The 27 Kohler was fine with 66". i would not be surprised to see a 10% rpm drop when you engage the blade. But what i'm concerned about is the lack of power when you hit the grass. After checking the deck, pulleys and anything that would rob power I would check to see that you have a strong spark on both cylinders. Sometimes I find one cylinder not firing.

    Brian O
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    Another thing to verify is the engine's correct WOT RPM and governor settings. A wiser man on this forum once advised me (after I complained of low power) to buy and install a "Tiny Tach" to get to the bottom of my mysterious power loss.

    I finally took his advice and found my engine was improperly set up from the dealer to deliver 300 RPMs shy of the peak per Hustler/Kawasaki specs. By performing the adjustment (per the book) I was totally pleased to find incredible power that had been sleeping since I took delivery.

    Just a suggestion.

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