28 Acres...no clue where to start!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by HPI_Savage25, Oct 18, 2012.

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    It's only after you get a few jobs under your belt and get burned on a few that you become older and wiser?

    It's not called getting burned, it's called having a learning experience at the school of hard knocks. It's the only way to truly learn what your overhead costs are starting out, and how to correctly bid a job. Everyone thinks nowadays they can just google a topic, join a forum, and magically have all the answers for success.
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  2. HPI_Savage25

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    Just as a little update to this thread. I got a phone call today and I am going out to the property to look at it again tomorrow to show me exactly what they want done. I know this may be way over my head but I like a challenge. Providing I get the job, I will have about two weeks to get it completed.
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    i say go for it...i remember my first big job...you don't have much overhead, i can already tell, if you buy that mower keep in mind other jobs, 60" is more versatile as far as residentials go, if you plan on doing a lot of really big jobs then sure, a 72" is the way to go...but realistically i think a 60 is your best bet...i didn't read the whole thread, but are they requiring insurance? most commercials require proof of insurance to save their ass if anything happens...i wouldn't do this contract for anything less than $1000 for sure, and i'm guessing it would be a lot higher than that once i put the numbers to it...
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  4. herler

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    Uhm well good luck then.
  5. Roger

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    I read through the first part, and the last part (middle part appears to be debating equipment). Maybe this recent thread was mentioned. If not, it is worth reading for the OP. Also read the associated thread of three years ago that is referenced.


    I think there are many similarities at the beginning of these projects.
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    ^^^^^ what he said.....
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    Well said Neil...

    NJDLLC LawnSite Member
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    Good work, I like the ambition - best of luck!
  9. HPI_Savage25

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    Well guys I have secured the job. I will be starting it Monday. I will make sure to take plenty of pictures. This play will be getting a nice makeover for sure. This is my really slow time so I plan to be on the job site for the majority of all next week.

    Pictures and updates will will be made each day as we progress.
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    How do you plan on doing it? I would certainly break the property into 2, or maybe even 3. I would certainly love to mow that place. The amount of trimming will suck but the mowing will be great!

    What machine did you get?

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