28 Acres...no clue where to start!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by HPI_Savage25, Oct 18, 2012.

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    Around here the first acre is around $50 and each additional acre is around $25 to $30.

    My own lawn is 2 acres and I guarantee I can get a different crew every day to quote me $75. Not talking low ballers either. Crews with 4 or 5 guys in huge rigs with enclosed trailers and 2 ton dump body trucks.

    So lets say on the high side for 28 acres would come out to $860 to $900 to cut 28 acres. Now we are talking 3 60"+ ztr's going and 2 guys trimming. Knock it out quick enough to still have time left to do another small commercial job in a single day.
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    Geez, lighten up. You can give advice without insulting the guy.
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    I'll throw this in. I know the area I know basically your set up and what you normally do. I gonna guess the grass is bahaia so even with weekly cuts your gonna have seed heads always a pita to cut down decent. A 72 or 60 plus a 48(guessing) walker is not going to cut this place quickly. Buying 10k of equip for one account is going to put you hurting. Don't forget most lcos running around are running walkers to bag, so even if you have lots you can put the bigger mower on are your clients gonna want you to not bag? What then another 3k for a bagger? Then what on and off everytime you go out there. Thats gonna add 2 hours to each time. I would say stay away. Columbia county is all modtly small lots not too many guys have got the equip to run big places. Stay where you can make $ this would just be a way to loose it.

    Now saying all that if I wasn't going to stop taking new customers in ga I would tell you to go for it, b/c when your out of biz I could oick them up.

    Anyway I wouldn't do thats just me and I have equip I could run it, not as easily as I'd like but I could do it and make $ but unless you got 3 72s I wouldn't touch it.
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    I agree. We all have dreams, some materialize, most don't, but that doesn't mean we should stop having them. If no one throughout history ever tried to do a job they weren't ready for, we'd still be reading by candlelight and riding horses to work. The guy comes on here asking for advice so he can make an educated decision as to how to proceed, and there are always those who immediately say "you aren't ready". Perhaps he isn't, but at least he is willing to try.
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    Do the financial analysis on the job as best you can. How much will the unit(s) cost you? How much does that figure to per month? How much is a labor hour to you? Gas, etc?Narrow all that down to a per hour cost to run your business and then take a thorough look through the property. I mean really walk through it. Now you can estimate what it will take to get the job done and how it fits into your schedule. Then adjust those financial calcs to crank out a number that works for your business (and add margin). There is your bid price. If it's too high? That's fine - no reason to lowball and lose money. I'm more of a risk taker myself, so I would encourage you to put some work into it and give it a try, but that's just my opinion.
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    Put a google maps pic of the property up on here.
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    HPI I think you would be helping yourself by asking for "A sitdown" and explaing yor current equipment and manpower status to the manegment. Then explain you would like to service the property and the rewarding challenge for having an opportunity. They have a price in mind ....not maybe they do. You can estimate all day on time to service,equip needed, manpower needs etc. This is late season ask for a chance to perform the task and be conservative on your price and explain why...Its a BIG JOB for you..be honest.

    This is like Turf Mowing the equivalent of 56 yards at an half acre each. You are bound to have problems but at the end of at least one servvice you will have a vast wealth of experience on large properties.

    I would charge (never done this large job) $885.11 per event. Take extra blades, belts, air pumps and tools. The next morning have some Aleve on the night stand.
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    . Good luck.
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    I wouldn't use my walker on this account to be honest. I do have a 54" SD deck that I could put on the walker if I wanted to though. I can get a brand new exmark with a 38hp motor and 60" deck with 0 interest for 48 months and payments come out to be around $250 a month. So if I charge say $1600 a month....that more than covers the price of the mower and I also have a few yards I could use it on also that I currently use the walker on but I open the back up as the yards don't need to be bagged and the customers can't tell the difference.

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