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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Randy Scott, Oct 19, 2002.

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    My eXmark dealer had a open house/pigroast at the city park last Thursday. He has it every year. Real nice deal. He puts on lunch and has all their equipment out for demo's. Stander, eXmark, Bobcat, Echo, Redmax, Tanaka, BillyGoat, Ryan, and some others. All the area reps. are there to talk and answer questions. It's really quite nice.

    Anyways, the eXmark rep said they are coming out with a 28 EFI motor on 2003 Lazers. I have the 26 EFI and like it. Been trouble free so far with about 700 hrs. on it. I wonder how this will fit around the 27/31 Liquids and the diesels? I really want to add a 72" deck but the $13 grand for the diesels or biq liquids are a huge pill to swallow. He didn't say anything about price but I just wonder if it will run a 72" good and still be somewhat affordable. I demoed the 26 EFI with a 72" and it just wasn't enough power in the thick grasses. Also, I really haven't heard anyone too happy with the amount of gas the big liquids suck down. I would most likely go diesel if going big like that. With my 60" 26 EFI I can run a full day of mowing plus with the tanks full. It's real easy on gas and that I like. Just curious what you guys may have heard about this?

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    Hi Randy,
    I hope things are goin good for you. Its been a great year so far.

    I am assuming you are talking about Kohler and the 28EFI's. I found some specs on it at


    The 28EFI has a torque of 44.8 lb.ft.@ 2200 R's
    The 27EFI 42.7 lb.ft @ 3000 R's
    The 26EFI 40.0 lb.ft@ 2800 R's

    I'm liking the lower revs on the 28 for more torque. I will probably be in the market for a new Z or something next year and hopefully these 28's will be used. My 26 is great. EFI is the only way to go for me from now on. Take care.
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    Talking about E.F.I., does anybody know the specs on the 29 dfi kawasaki? The kawasaki dfi is liquid-cooled, is the 28 efi kohler liquid-cooled or air-cooled. I can get a new Deere max-frame 797 with the 29dfi kawi and 72" deck for $10200.00, I wonder if Exmark will be close to that price with the 28 efi and 72" deck.

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