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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by onlyNadvance, Nov 18, 2010.

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    Hey Ya'll Mike here (age 48yrs),
    New to the forum but not the trade. I cut my teeth in lawn business 28 years ago in So.Florida.(West Palm Beach) My first mower was a Ransomes Bobcat 48" walk behind, boy did i hate belt driven machine back then. Looking forward only hydro's will do now. I have had many rides Skags Zs to Gravely bull-riders man are those promasters fun to ride! But i do love my John Deere now, what a super designed machine. My customers have become my family at least that's how i treat them and call them. Most of which i have had for over 10yrs. I am a solo guy and love it. I only cut residential properties under a 12 month verbal contract. After 28 years in the industry you learn what works and what dont! All my accounts are golden! And all my lawns are perfect. I don't carry any whiners,(their a dime a dozen)! I like all my family and they all love me, and I'm always paid in advance!

    Enough said, Peace everybody and have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING
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    Mike, congratulations ... it sounds like you've managed to do well over the last 2-3 years despite the general economic situation !!
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    Thanks Lifetree, Your right I havn't really had any real problems with the economic decline as of yet......! But i did make a few changes 10 yrs ago which helped out alot. The biggest of having all my clients in my subdivision is the best thing that i have ever done. What a difference that made having all properties within 5 miles of my home.

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