28hp EFI code

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by cward76, Apr 6, 2006.

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    Check engine light comes on and engine starts runing rough right before it dies.This has happened twice on two consecutive days after I have mowed a hour or so. Both times the engine was idealing because I was off the mower. First in started and ran rough for a second and then leveled out, but the second time was a different story. It would not start, so I check the code and it gave me a 31. I let the engine cool for around 15-20 minutes and tried it again. It started rough and cleared up quickly. Finished mowing with no problems. Any ideas on what may be going on. Engine is new.
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    Code 31 is a fuel related trouble code. It may be runing too rich or too lean. To me it sounds lean. I would check fuel pressure while the engine is running under mowing conditions. The fuel pressure should be running 39 p.s.i +/- 1 p.s.i. If it falls low enough the engine can die. What type of equipment is it on??
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    This is for a Kohler ECU code 31

    Kohler Code 31.JPG

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