$29 Irrigation System check, what would you do?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by adam.neusbaum, Aug 6, 2012.

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  2. adam.neusbaum

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    Wow, saves me all that time of putting an ad together. Thanks for the link!
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  3. irritation

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    I always hate when they try to come back. I'm not sure what to say.
  4. 1idejim

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    Sad to see a few screw the whole industry. Ya gotta love the race to the bottom though
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  5. Duekster

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    I think LS gets 1/2 the ad money.

    Those clowns, social / coupons and such want you to offer sevices for 50 to 70% off normal to sell the coupon and then give them 1/2 of the coupon money.

    This person will be lucky to put 15 in his pocket before GTO and taxes.
  6. greenmonster304

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  7. muddywater

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    I work even smarter. I leave them hidden in lush beautiful grass.

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