29 Kawasaki (reliable)?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tacoma200, Apr 24, 2011.

  1. tacoma200

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    Those of you running the 29 air cooled vertical Kawasaki (such as is on the New Exmark Lazer) how is the engine doing? I think it is the fx801v. I know there is a recall on the 34 and 37 (some) but the 29 and 31 seem OK. I understand most operators say they use more fuel than average but have they been reliable for you?
  2. knox gsl

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    Very reliable but drink the gas.
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  3. ffemt1271

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    mine is doing great at the 150 hour mark. i use 1 tank whick i think is about 8 gallons on the 29 in the same time my 2003 23hp kohler uses one side of fuel which i think is about 7 gallons. but the difference in production more than makes up for it
  4. weeze

    weeze LawnSite Fanatic
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    i'm goin with the 26hp...maybe it won't drink as much gas lol

    BOSCHERT LAWN CARE LawnSite Member
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    have seen a few with a little over 800 hours and everything is good
  6. castlerockmo

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    Mine on my dixon grizzly 60" has about 80hrs. It only uses 1.7 GPH. Now in comparison my 21Fx on my 52 uses 1.5 GPH. So I don't really see the 29 using that much more.
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  7. D Fricks

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    Have the 29 hp Kawasaki on a Husqvarna PZ averages 1.8 GPH only problem is the engine has very noisy valves have checked the valve clearance and it is fine, every Kawa. Ive got has those rattling valves.
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  8. tacoma200

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    A lot of people talk about how smooth they are. I've never had a Kawasaki long term. Rattling valves would get on my nerves a bit, it this common? Anyone else have this problem?

    I wish Briggs and Kawasaki would use hydraulic lifters.
  9. weeze

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    the question is why doesn't honda make bigger engines for lawnmowers? that would fix everything lol
  10. Miller Lawn Care

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    I agree about the noisey valves. I have a 60" Hustler Z with 23 hp Kawa, valves are very noisy, but i bought it used last year for a song and have put 200+ hours on it with out a hiccup. Maintence is easy, and unless the grass is taller than the foot pan it makes plenty of power. averages around 1.25 gph.
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