297C radiator / undercarriage

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by DamPlas, Jul 29, 2008.

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    I am in the process of testing/demo adventuring on the way to a ASV100 or a Cat or a Tak etc etc. I need a pressurized machine cause some of the stuff I go through is poison oak. I know that the RC100 can mow this with a Davco with no problem cause I have seen it done and used it. I wander between mud and dirt and basalt ledges and steep hillsides.

    I took a 297C out on demo and ran it in all sorts of stuff (blackberry higher than it could reach, narrow areas, canary grass etc) and was impressed until I got warning lights (3hrs) saying that it was overheating. (shut down all the garbage mashers on the detention level!) Turned out that there was a bunch of conttonwood fluff in the radiator and that is brutal on heat dissipation. No problem, blow out the radiator and off we go, but I would think that I should get more than 3 hrs with a plugged radiator not running high flow.

    There was some talk about the "forestry package" helping seal the rear end.

    I was wondering if the folks out there had input into the Cat system and if this was an issue for anyone with one of those. Really serviceable, but is that cause it needs it a lot?

    I was also wondering if anyone with both an open and a closed track/idler design saw a benefit in easy clean vs. protection. The dual suspension is really nice with good ground feel but how long does that last?

    I also plan on using it as a small logging project skidder with a grapple.

    I know that this hits on just about every issue bouncing around here in this class of machines but I thought that I would see what people thought....

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    I think a guy could build a small screen to mount over the exterior of the radiator to assist with this. Do the new machines still blow air through the radiator vs. sucking it in? That's definately a nice feature and I can guarantee if you're having problems keeping a Cat radiator clean, it would be twice as bad with another brand that pulls air into the radiator fins. We've had good luck with my dad's 216 for the most part in keeping the radiator clean, only the air filters give us fits with keeping them clean. I have also heard of some sort of forestry kit as well, I think someone posted some pics here. I think the screens on that kit, if I recall, were to keep larger debris like leaves and such out, probably wouldn't help a whole lot for cottonwood fluff. There could be a possibility that with the installation of the forestry screens it could allow the mounting of finer screens to keep smaller debris out as well.
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    CAT blows the air through the radiator. On the aftercooler machines, you have too much debris coming in from the front and sides of the machine which will clog the aftercooler screen which also pulls air across the ac condenser.

    You need the debris kit so that more air is pulled from the back. The sides still have issues even with the upgrades to the debris kit. The front needs to be stuffed with foam or whatever you can find because the debris kits leave gaps.

    I think you will be disappointed on how well the C series cabs seal compared to the hype.
    The AC system needs a more powerful blower and a better snorkel system to get the air pulled in from another location. CAT knows about the problems and they are working on it but it takes time.
    you will also need an upgraded air cleaner. The stock air cleaner will clog quickly in conditions where you have "fluff".
  4. Digdeep

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    My dealer here in WI told me that ASV was going to test their new Forestry PT100 pressurized cab against the CAT 297C. I don't know when the testing will be finished but I will keep asking him until he finds out. In my experience any time you have a stacked radiator and cooler you're open to more material packing in mowing and brush cutting applications.
  5. bobcat_ron

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    If Cat's fans would blow the other way, problem solved, I had to put fine mesh on my old Bobcat, but Cat doesn't have a temp. guage on their machines, so it's kinda hard to know when to get out and scrape the fluff of the screen.
  6. DamPlas

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    The machine I ran had a temp gauge in the upper right side of the cab. It also had the digital cool system that can tweak the power settings to the track and some other stuff.
    Anyone have experience on the fans that switch direction and on startup they run backwards, clearing the screens. Looks like the PT100 Forestry has that but the dealers have moved far away.
    Anyone have 500- 1000 hours on the undercarriage on the 297C? Does the open structure hold up and is it easier to maintain?
  7. bobcat_ron

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    You must have had the C series with the AMICS in it, The B series didn't and doesn't have any temp gauges in their panel.

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