29HP Vanguard weak starter.

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by ARN Greencare, Dec 29, 2018.

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    All the dealer wants to do is sell me a battery, but Grasshopper equips their machines with Deka batteries, which are good batteries. Plus my battery passes load test, and when tested with either a Solar or SPX tester, it comes in around 40CCA higher than the rated 540CCA everytime... And if I take it to any other dealer close by, they put it on the back burner cause I didn't by machine there, not a good way to earn a new customer.

    I am wandering about the valve adjustment, the thing runs noticeably better. It used to lope, flutter and pop out of the exhaust when sitting there running free at about 1/2-2/3 throttle. While it is still not the smoothest, it is acceptable now. I am hoping my fuel economy improves too, this thing absolutely drinks fuel.
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    id throw that pos Briggs in the garbage. acr probably broke on it. i also believe Briggs just throw the valves into the motor with out properly seating them. every Briggs (i have worked on a crap ton) I have worked on have leaky valves and are away way out of adjustment.
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    Yeah, never again will I buy a Briggs. I am taking it to a dealer probably tomorrow seeing it is finally cold enough to reproduce the problem. I finally, after ten days and a number of Emails, got a hold of Briggs tech dept via E-mail. I now have a case number, and the guy at the tech dept says that starter should never pull anything close to 400 amps. Gonna be amazing if all I need is a starter after all this aggravation. But hey, I guess that is Briggs service for you. Right?
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    So after the valve adjustment and some cold weather, this thing still will not start when cold. I did finally get Briggs to look into it and get a case number for my issue. It is now at the dealer, and we will see from here.
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    Please keep posting updates. Did you ever call Briggs Corporate Office?
  6. ARN Greencare

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    I got a hold of them VIA Email actually. I wanted text copies of conversations, cause I have decided that I am going to get this resolved one way or the other, and they are not going to simply brush me off like a dead flea.
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