29HP Vanguard weak starter.

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by ARN Greencare, Dec 29, 2018.

  1. ed2hess

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    okay got it....like walker problem
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  2. ARN Greencare

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    Exactly. Only after my incident, I have done research and found that Scag and some others have had this issue too. My Turf Tigers all had Kawasaki FD series engines, and they would start on cold mornings in spite of them having the exact 16cc pump as my 329 Grasshopper. Now my old year 2002, model 325, Kubota powered Grasshopper was outfitted with 21cc pumps, and the Kubota starter had no issues starting it at any temperature.
  3. kennywood

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    I have the same issues with the same grasshopper mower/engine. Didn’t have a clue what the issue was. Thanks for the info. Where do I get the tool?
  4. ARN Greencare

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    Your dealer should be able to get it. 2018 has an updated tensioner arm, and the part number is 609017.

    Have your model and serial number ready, and call Grasshopper at 620-345-6301, and ask tech department to make sure you get the correct part number. They will explain how to use it too.

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