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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TST1, Nov 17, 2003.

  1. TST1

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    looking to get a 2nd cutting crew going next season.been doing heavy marketing for new customers.I know I wont have a full week of cuttings for the season,maybe 20 -30 new accounts for the new crew.Any tips on getting this 2nd crew up and running would be appreciated.
  2. paponte

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    I would assume 20-30 pertains to residential houses. Depending on the size of them, that number sounds real light to justify another crew. :cool:
  3. Rustic Goat

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    Ditto on paponte's point.
    Can you really afford a second crew and the equipment involved for that few accounts?
  4. AztlanLC

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    Maybe you're at the point that one crew is not enough and two just a little too much.

    Is that second crew going to consist of two workers, have you think just one guy?
    That's what I did when I went from one crew to 2, you have to keep in mind that one guy by himsself will be tired faster than 2 guys crew (except for the owner) so most of the times I alway gave this one guy some slack, he usually worked an hour less than the rest, as long as he finished all the jobs, note that production is higher with just one guy, I'm not saying 1 guy will produce more than the 2 guys crew ok.

    Make sure he know the quality of work you expect from him, make sure he has to take care of his equipment, make sure he has to report any incident, have a clean drivers license and keep it clean, make sure he is not allow to do any jobs on the side with your equipment.
  5. Flex-Deck

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    Stay solo - the only person that cares about your business is you. Just get more efficient mowers if you can not do it solo.
    Give me a call 877-353-9335
  6. TST1

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    I figure to send out a 2 man crew and then when they are not cutting,they can help with plantings ,pavers,etc.I know 20 -30 is light to send out another crew but you have to start somewhere.Hopefully I will pick more up along the way,instead of turning them away because i dont have the time.I cut 110 lawns with a 3 man crew now and that is my limit.
  7. greensideup

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    Sounds like our business's are a lot alike. I have a crew of 3 that cuts about 125 properties- mostly residential. I am starting a 2nd crew in march, but only using 1 man at first. If some days are light, I will add some of the side work in that I usually end up doing. I used to live right next door to you in Boonton. My family is still there I i go there often. I am spending a lot of my off season trying to land accounts to ensure I will have enough work to keep him busy. I will start him with some of my smaller properties, where 3 man crew is not really needed. I am using my older mowers & my oldest truck to start off the new crew. If it takes off, I will update some of the equipment. I know I may not make a huge profit at first, but i am going to stick with it, tweaking & fine tuning the whole way.
  8. sanfordandsonfan

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    I am heading in the same direction. I have been picking up alot of work through real estate agents and landlords. They just want the grass cut and trimmed. Not concerned about stripes, and perfect edges. My high end customers want me and my dad there so it will be hard to break away. I figure if I get enough of the lower end, I can keep a guy or two busy, and increase my profits a bit. Right now I have about fifty single family homes owned by these guys that need cut about three times per week. A few of them I never even meet. They wont care who cuts it is as long as it is cut.
  9. sanfordandsonfan

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    Need to be cut three times per months not per week. Sorry
  10. Haley Lawn Care

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