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    I am 19 and currently in college for criminal justice. My fathers company was formely a big deal with many accounts and many lawns. But as me and my sister grew older he got a job with the state as a lawn care guy for the retirement and the gaurrenteed money. Now that he is retired i have started doing lawns with him, we have about 15 lawns small commerecial like 25-40 a pop. I however want to bring it to the next level and want to do so without askign him how to show that i am ready to inheret the busisness, he sold most of his old equipment so we are down to a 36in lesco walkbehind and a few weedwackers and blowers, what shoudl i do to show that i am ready to get bigger and how shoudl i go about getting bigger more profitable accounts so i can buy better stuff?

    thanks any help woudl be great
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    I don't know your Dad, so I don't know his feelings about giving advice.

    But it would seem to me that you have one resource that many of us would have loved to have. Someone who has been there, done what it took, and spent a lifetime doing it. Dang for the opportunity like that is priceless.

    Rather than jump out there with both feet and "show the old man I can handle it myself", I might suggest something on another track.

    Write out a business plan, crunch the numbers and show the potential, show the equipment needed, the manpower needed and how you best think it can be done. Be realistic and honest about the numbers, don't inflate them.

    Then take the package to him and say "Dad, I have a proposal that I think could make this business grow and be profitable. Here are my facts and figures, based on our history and the market potential. And I wanted to get your advice and input on this, and help me iron out any wrinkles that I might have overlooked."

    I think most Dad's would jump at that opportunity and pour their heart into helping.

    Of course, you could have an old man who is a total azzhole and he won't give you the time of day, in that case just "git 'r done" yourself.

    Just my thoughts,

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    thanks for the advice thats somthing i was looking into, a hurdle is that he is big into spraying and have a liceanse for pestacides and all that stuff, i confronted him about getting mine and he seemed pleased inside and said it would be a neat idea so ill look into that and get the proper liceanses and hopefully with a good plan like u saidi can ge tit done


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