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2nd Pond


LawnSite Bronze Member
I'm starting my second water feature tonight. We had the pond and falls marked out, but Sprint shows up and paints a line right through the pond, so we'll be moving it.

I'll post pics as we go. It should be completed 4/30/04, but we'll see.

Here's the before pic



LawnSite Bronze Member
Auburn, WA
Great pictures. I imagine that's a pretty good size pump you used. How many GPH does that stream flow? Also, is the pond lined? How many man-hours to complete the project?


LawnSite Bronze Member
Originally posted by Q-Team Inc
Pond looks great. I sent you a pm with a few questions. Not sure if you got it so I sent it again.Thanks

I'll post back here tonight after the Cubs game. I've gotten a few pm's about this pond lately. Getting my game face on now right now:drinkup: