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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Joatmon, Feb 8, 2001.

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    My first account is with my previous landlord. I lived in a new duplex apartment he had. He was paying someone to do the LC but they never showed up. I got tired of seeing it & started taking care of it myself. Long story short, I bought a house & he asked me to keep doing the duplex. I told him it would be worth my time if he would throw the other two duplexes he owns (within 1/2 mile) in with it. Gave him a price, he agreed, I bought equipment. Now the question (finally, huh?) All he wants is a basic mow, trim, & blow. I did way more when I lived there (which he understands). But does it bother anyone here that someone may see a job like this & think you're not thorough? I live in a small town & everyone should be able to see my yard as an example. But what do you do if their idea of you work is a simple one such as his?

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    Okay, I'm gonna try to make sense of this but I don't quite get what you mean. I think you should do the best possible work you can. Tell the guy that you run a tight business and that you want to provide FULL service for all of your accounts. Mowing, trimming, blowing, and edging pretty much covers it for weekly service unless you do weeding, etc.. I try to do the same things on all my accounts. I mow, trim, edge and blow every week at every lawn. Once the word is out that you do such a great job, you're in real business. If you really want to set an example for the people in your town, tell the guy you would like to give him the most professional service you can. Set a price, and see if he goes for it. Then all you have to do is work really hard at making it look it's best. I think I covered what you're asking about. If not, let me know. Good luck. :)
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    I'm worried that someone may come by & expect a "golf course look" but see a "leaf-mulched-non-striped-non-edged-unkept- flowerbed-nasty-looking-yard" and think, "if this is all he does...I don't want him" attitude.

    I have come to understand (through this forum) that there is much more to maintenance than the average person understands...but there are those who believe they should get a $100 service for a $10 price. I'm afraid they will see his "basic" job and believe that it is the best that they can expect.

    This goes back to my other post...I hope they will look at my yard & go "How much will you charge to make MY yard look like your's?"

    Did that make better sense? :)
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    He's a landlord! All he cares about is the bare essentials. Try to sell him on it by explaining to him how nice it'll look, and that the tennants will appreciate it even more. When you do this, you have to use incentive. In other words, make it worth while. Kind of like purchasing the larger container of laundry soap. If your concerned about reputation, set a high basic price first. Then, if he doesn't go for it, you don't need to be doing that kind of work anyways. If he does go for it, the extras won't be that much extra. The trick is, that you have to present both options at the same time.

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  5. Twotoros

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    Most my customers only pay for basic. I'm sure they'd love LX service but not for the dime they pay me.When I give them the choice 9 out of 10 choose mow, blow and go. I'd love to be only a A1 service but I's gots to get paid fo it, man.
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    hey Joat man whaat part of N La you live we might be neighbors
  7. awm

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    My customer gets what he wants.He wants me
    to roundup stripes in his yd thats what he gets
    long as its legal.He wants mow an trim he
    has the right to make that choice.Its my job
    to educate and sell additional services.
    Different strokes
  8. thelawnguy

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    Twotoros hit it on the head, Bingo!

    The majority of my customers only want and expect a mow trim blow and go job. But it still looks good, the lawns have nice striping that will rival ELM's(thanks exmark!)(yes my tracks appear to go thru trees and beds) and even without real heavy-duty sod-busting sidewalk edging I still take 30 seconds and make the line straight with the string trimmer. If that is what the customer wants. Many are on fixed incomes and cannot afford full-blown in-your-face-ego-boosting lawn service.

    "...but see a "leaf-mulched-non-striped-non-edged-unkept- flowerbed-nasty-looking-yard"..."

    What the he## does that mean? If you dont know how to mulch leaves and make them disappear and leave the lawn looking as good as bagged, dont give up the day job.
  9. Premo Services

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    I had this problem the first year that I started. I had a customer that only wanted every 10-12 days and the grass would grow pretty high and thick. I thought that I needed the account and kept doing it and I wouldn`t spend a lot of time double cutting,etc. it was at the end of the season and a neighbor stopped and said that I might want to let these people go because they would not pay enough money and have the lawn cut once a week,which wasn`t my fault but when someone came by the house and saw the job they would think, I sure don`t want that guy doing my lawn. I did not realize this. I thought I needed this customer. I raised their price the next year and they cancelled me. I talked to the neighbor after that and told him that I appreciated what he told me and he said that he didn`t see me doing the lawn and would I want to give him a bid for his lawn. I bid his lawn and he is one of my best customers,and has given me a lot of referral business.LESSON LEARNED DO THE BEST JOB YOU CAN DO AND CHARGE THEM FOR IT! you will loose a lot more business from the appearence of the job that doesn`t pay enough to be able to spend the time to do quality work
  10. Joatmon

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    "...but see a "leaf-mulched-non-striped-non-edged-unkept- flowerbed-nasty-looking-yard"..."

    What the he## does that mean? If you dont know how to mulch leaves and make them disappear and leave the lawn looking as good as bagged, dont give up the day job.

    1)I was trying to make you envision a worst case scenario. You know the way it looks when the state goes through & cuts the roadways (trash etc) chopped & strewn everywhere. 2)I DO know how to mulch and DON'T plan to give up my day job. This is, as I have stated, PT. :)

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