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How many guys run with 2wd? How many 4wd? Is 4wd really worth it?
I have a chance to buy a gmc hd2500 crew cab with 106,000 miles pretty loaded for $10,000 but its a 2wd I have been looking for a 4wd but nothing around me is reasonable.

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I run a 2wd 2005 Dodge Ram 1500. I have never been stuck with it, but I stay smart and don't get into situations that I know I can't get out of. I live in Minnesota, and people can't believe that someone would ever own a 2wd truck. My buddy is looking for a different truck, and no matter how nice it is, if it's 2wd, he completely rules it out. I like to say 4x4 is for people who can't drive. I don't know what snow/ice conditions you get in your area, but a 2wd should suit you just fine if you don't plow or do a lot of off road driving. But, if you stay on the road, a 2wd will be ok. I see more people in the ditch with 4x4's because they think 4x4 will keep them on the road.

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If the truck was a dually a 2wd is fine a 2wd srw pick up truck gets stuck too d*mn easy.

I guess it all depends on where you live and if you have snow for 8 months out of the year :laugh:

Buy the truck if its in good shape you alway can put a good limited slip in the diff along with some decent tires it should do okay. Is this truck a diesel if so get used to wheel spin.


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I look at it this way, I usually only need 4wd 2 or 3 times a year either at the dump or pulling bushes out things like that. While 2wd would work for me 98% of the time. The 2% of the time i need it, its worth its weight in gold. Nothing beats not having to wait for a tow truck or digging bushes out in 30 sec. or less! Just depends what your going to use it for.


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If the truck was a dually a 2wd is fine a 2wd srw pick up truck gets stuck too d*mn easy.

This statement couldn't be more wrong. I own both and I can tell right now my SRW will go almost as far in 2WD as the DRW will in 4WD. both are 4WD but the dually doesn't hold a candle in offroad or low traction situations. If I just did lawns I would have 2WD only trucks but I do snow removal plus I live on the rocky mountain front so we tend to get big snow falls at times. If you don't go out and drive in the snow or your snow falls are like 3 inches at a time the 2WD would be fine. If I didn't need 4WD so much I'd rather have 2WD trucks. They cost less, less weight, less maintenance, etc.


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My dumping site gets very muddy and soft in the spring (anytime we have alot of rain really), but I would get stuck too easily with only a 2wd truck. I have been pretty close to being stuck, but the 4wd saved me. With that being said, if you are going to be in places that have soft ground, the 4wd will be well worth it. If not, the 2wd should do just fine.

Even on road, the only time I use my 4wd is when it is snowing out, just so I don't fish tail around the corners too much. Otherwise 90% of the time, I'm in 2wd.


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I find 4wd is only useful when you stop and start moving alot. I can drive a 2wd with limited slip almost anywhere a 4wd can, its all about momentum. And you can always just get some nice tires with some bite on the rear and be fine.

I look at it like this 4wd cost more to begin with, cost more on gas, and cost more in repairs. I think it almost never pays to get 4wd, and if its for those one or two times a year just buy a winch.


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I will never own another 2wd truck. Like previously stated, most of the time you won't need 4wd in SW MO, but there will be a few times every year when you will be very happy you have 4wd.

Just last month, we got 8 inches of snow along with 30mph winds. The snow drifts here (out in the middle of nowhere, and my don't doesn't get plowed) were 4 feet tall. I made $200 pulling idiots out of the drifts before I decided to make a path through the drifts for everybody.

Now, if all you're only using the truck to pull a 16 foot trailer around in the summer, then by all means just get a 2wd.

And for those that think I can't drive because I have a 4wd truck, I drive a semi for a living and pull doubles through lake effect snow with 900,000 safe miles.

Edit: And a SRW has twice the traction of a DRW simply because the weight is only spread out on 2 tires instead of 4.
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