2wd vs 4wd

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by hmc610, Feb 4, 2010.

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    I run a F150 2wd... does just fine... my dad has a 04 F150 stx 2wd and he has never needed the 4x4... when we had 22 inches dumped on us... him and 4 other guys where the only ones to get to work at 3 am when he goes in... he couldnt back out of his apartment complex drive way so he just rocked it a little bit and went over the parking stop and into the grass... onto the road with about 18-20 inches on the ground... dont care if you call me a lier... look up Ohio snow falls about 4 years ago and that was when it was... his truck did great.. .had some sand bags in the back about 300lbs and that truck did just fine. We just had around 5 inches few weeks ago and my truck with around 500 lbs in the back did just fine... last week we had 2 inches though and I didnt have any weight and I have to go up a decent size hill... i was spinnin all the way up, but I made it.

    If you are not going to plow I'd go with 2wd but... sometimes I wish I had 4x4 in my truck to just have it and have fun off roading at my buddys farm... but I bet not having the 4x4 has saved me a lot of fines and broken parts because if I had 4x4 in my truck... i'd be taking it off roading and places I shouldnt be... but if youre just pulling stuff around in the summer and my grandma lives in Rolla, MO and my dad and I have been out there before with 8 inches with his truck and its 2wd... weight in the back and no problems... usually.

    I was dumping stuff once though with my buddy in his 2wd truck... we got stuck and my step brother had to pull us out with his skid steer lol
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    Duallys suck in the mud and snow. I have never owned a 2wd truck but if you never need it dont get it. If the truck is a really good buy and in great shape and you need a truck then get it.
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    If you rarely have the use for 4wd, upgrade the rear axle on your 2wd to a locking differential, so you don't get the one wheel peel (open diff), or side-to-side power differentiate that an LSD can give. Locker will give you the best traction in a 2wd, and can easily run with the 4wd vehicles.

    Dually's are most common with diesels, and in 2wd, puts a lot of weight on the front end. If you can find a ext cab gas model it might be worth while, but if you don't need the diesel for hauling HEAVY loads, then it's not a good buy.
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    It is stupid to spend 10k on a 2wd truck that has 106k miles on it. There are a million 4wd 2003-2005 trucks on Ebay for 10k grand. Shipping door to door is about $500-$700 around 1500 miles. If you could buy it for 3 or 4k then that is a different story.

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