2x4 dually dump trucks?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by N.H.BOY, Sep 10, 2005.

  1. N.H.BOY

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    Any one use a 2x4 dualley dump truck? I have a 4x4 crew cab f-250 with fisher plow, so no need really for 4x4. Just hauling grass mulch and loam, so I dont see any reason for 4 wheel drive. Any one use these and wish they had 4X4? Thanks I have seen some use a 2x4 for plowing also.
  2. GTLC

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    2x4...you mean 4x2 :)
  3. N.H.BOY

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    Yea sorry bout that :D Damn Vermonters :dizzy: Just kidda with ya bud, love the green mtn. boys.
  4. SouthernYankee

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    You need four wheel drive on a dumptruck and I cant live with out it on my 3500 dump. Unless your only going to dump materials on paved roads, you will quickly learn that you will get stuck even with light loads in sand, loam, or just about any wet soil.

    Most material yards are not paved and quite often they are poorly maintained, trust me, you will need four wheel drive to even pick up your materials. I have gotten stuck many times with loads of mulch and with out having a 4x4, I would have had to gotten towed out.

    also if I was going to do it over again, I would think about diesel, instead of a gasser.

    UNISCAPER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    All of our 2 axle dumps are 2wd, 3 axles trucks have two rear drive axles.

    We have little to no need for a 4x4 dump truck and the added expense is not worth investing in. If you plow you should choose your truck drive by the sites you plow. Lots of docks with a below deck grade, either up or down, you had best go 4x4. Flat lots, load you truck with salt or sand and have at it. City streets, 2wd works fine.
  6. Gravel Rat

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    My trucks are 2wd my current 95 F-450 I'am building into a dumping flat is 2wd if I wanted a 4x4 then I would have to by a 99 or newer truck but that is $$$$$. I do fine with 2wd you just have to be carefull you never drive forward into driveways that you never been down. The places where I have had to deliver too would boggle your mind. Once you leave the public paved road and down residential driveways your pretty much offroading.

    One place I was hauling out of the driveway was wet slimey clay even with 6000-7000lbs on the truck the wheels were spinning climbing up the 2000' long driveway. One part was really soft the old truck sunk atleast 8"s into the goo I kept churning through it. I got 3 loads of logs out of the site and delivered to another site. Another place I hauled to was close to 1-2 miles offroad hauling gravel into a house site it was a single width goat trail some of the hills were steep enough that I almost powered out in first gear (5spd).

    You don't need 4wheeldrive if you run good traction tires on the back like M-55 Toyo's you can also run a locker or limited slip in the rear diff. The 4wheeldrive gets you in trouble because you try things that you shouldn't and end up stuck. Most of the time the front wheels don't have enough traction to pull the rear wheels out of the hole they dug.

    I have never run into problems at places that sell Sand and Gravel etc with getting stuck. If the place you are dealing with has a poor access road don't deal with them. The only landscape place I ever had trouble at was at a turf farm where they have a road out into the field and I almost got stuck. I had 3 tons on the truck the ground was a little soft and the truck almost sunk to the axles but I churned through it. The tractor was there to push me out if need be.

    As for buying a dump on a 1 ton chassis you are limited on what you can carry. A F-350 or 3500 Chev with a 12,000lb gvw with a 9-11' mason box will weigh around 8000lbs. That leaves you with 4000lb "legal" payload which isn't much you really gotta watch you don't over gross by alot start grossing 13-14,000lbs the truck will really groan.

    Once I tried F-450s I would never go back to a F-350 again they are just too light your always at max gross with any kind of load. My first 450 was a 88 hauling loads on it was a pleasure cruise I was sold. I bought a 89 450 diesel it hauled loads just as good with a little better fuel economy. Now I have a 95 the truck is a dream to drive can't wait to get the dump deck built.
  7. N.H.BOY

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    Thanks all that responed, I just don't see spending the bucks on a 4x4 if I dont really use it. Ive got my plow f-350, but to haul mulch and such i think I'd go get a 4x2 and save payup payup
  8. South Florida Lawns

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    But most of the places that carry materials or that recycle clippings have wheel loaders that will have you snatched outta there in a second. I would put some mud terrains on the back set of duals on the 4x2 and be done with it. All you need is a little traction to the rear and you should be fine.
  9. Gravel Rat

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    You should have seen where I had to go yesterday to get a load of garbage the road was 1/4 of a mile into a heavily wooded area. It was barely 8'6' wide and had some long steep sections I was a little worried about getting back out but I did. At the end of the road there was just enough room for me to turn around and back down another short little road to the house.

    This 95 I bought has brandnew Toyo M-55 traction tires on it I'am really surprised that these tires really make a difference. They bite good so what I have read about the M-55s is true they have excellent traction.

    Having 4wheeldrive is handy at times but you do have 4 extra U joints to wear out 2 U joints or CV shafts (Chevy) a transfer case and another differential.

    I'am not against 4wheeldrive if I was buying a srw truck it most definatly would be a 4x4 but when it comes to dually work trucks trying to find a 4x4 one is really tough.
  10. Itsgottobegreen

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    My F-350 dump is 4x4 and its the only way I will buy a dump truck unless its over 22,000lb gvw. I plow snow, so I need it. 4x4 can be handy. Its great for pulling out 2wd dump trucks. (Had to do that to my buddy's truck)

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