3/4 Acre Pricing

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by miltthemower, Jan 23, 2008.

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    My main issue is pricing. Is there a formula that any of you use to determine pricing. I received a call from a potential client who has 3/4 acre lot that needs all leaves cleaned. Then wants lawn service bi-weekly. As of now just cutting, blowing and edging.

    My question is what do I charge to do the leave clean up? How do I determine my rates moving forward? By the way did I mention the leaves are wet. Also, it will take about 30 Lowes leave bags to remove all the leaves. I will have to have that hauled off for which I have a guy I use for this service. I have to give him an estimate for the service tomorrow 1/24/08.
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    $ 180 for leaves clean up 3 hs of work and dump fees,$70 a cut starting in march and ending in dec do not skip a cut

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