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    There is no such thing as "Right" or "Wrong", therefore you can never be proven wrong... nothing wrong with dumping stuff on lawns during the 3 month drought... nothing right with providing the client with what he's expecting to get for his money...

    No!!! it's all about what's fair to me and my guys...
    ?!?I'm not supposed to make them pay for unnecessary apps during the drought of the typical Summer???

    Maybe you don't think that anything is 'right' about professional courtesy, but I have to tell you,,, that your kind of"LCO",,, I openly mock with every h.o., whenever the subject the subject comes up...

    When I saw apps being made and duststorms being mowed, this Summer,, I went out of my way to call it a rip-off... and stupid... :laugh:
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    Bashing,,, is just hyperbole with no rationale or logical content... like name calling...

    Being critical of what others are doing and having reasons for it,,, logically laid out in a coherent fashion that should be understandable to everyone,,, is what is known as "debate" and contending for what is right...

    When you believe that you have the 'right' to be wrong and there is no reason for it other than evil intent, then you are beyond understanding how to function in the real world... the politically correct worldviewmakes people stupid and unable to see why...

    If anyones' feelings are hurt then you will likely lashout and start bashing, becuz PC boys and girls cannot debate and understand why somethings are right and some things are wrong...

    America's New World, is the old 3rd world... :)
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    I am not trying to say who is right and who is wrong. You can provide 12 apps for all I care...but they are not needed.

    Where you are wrong is thinking OSU promotes 6 applications. Look at both Purdue and OSU and they both recommend 2-5 applications and say to be careful when going over 4.


    Where do you see OSU promoting 6 applications?

    I have asked you several times...but please explain how you applied your two summer applications during the three month drought and what you applied to improve your customers lawn.
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    I offer 6 applications but was only able to do 5 this year due to the drought. The 1 summer app did not have fertilizer applied but was more of a spot spray for cg, nutsedge, and what ever broadleaf popped up. I offer 6 because in my experience I would like to be on the lawn as frequent as possible to check for damage and the over all status of the lawn.

    For the customers that get 4 apps, I do the 2 spring and 2 fall routine. 3 apps I would go 1 spring, and 2 fall. Neither get free service calls or get to pick when I show up. I still give them the premium apps because my sign still goes in their lawn and I am still trying to give them the most bang for their buck.

    I agree with making agronomic decisions over monetary decisions but I am still running a business that I need to be able to sustain. There is a balance there that kept me in business this year. I have 280 customers and if I would have cut out 2 applications instead of 1 I would be out of business. I cut 1 due to agronomics, I kept 1 due to finances. I still feel like I did the right thing.
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    What you just stated makes perfect sense! You have to look at the conditions and react.

    We spray for nutsedge, crabgrass and summer annuals but it is an additional charge (unless we do it in combination with grub).

    But my main point is like you. If a person is paying for four apps...why cut them on weed control just to make you 6 app program look better. You can have a stout program with 4 apps and I would argue with anyone that says there is a big difference in 4 and 6 apps here in OH as spotting a few weeds is hard to even be noticed.

    Nitro says there is practically night and day difference in 4 and 6 apps. I would argue that all day!!!

    I have an awesome business that is based on 4 apps or I wouldn't say this.
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    My preferred programs are 4 or 5 app programs. Some only want 2 or 3 apps. Only reasoning being they are cheap. Want their cake and want to eat it too.

    I do these 2 or 3 apps at the best times of the season however. I cannot risk my reputation by doing apps at the least opportune times, leaving lawns a mess. The one thing these 'cheap' customers are NOT getting is consistent attention from me the WHOLE season. They WILL get summer annuals, etc cropping up and I will not be there enough to control them. They are made aware of this when the agree to terms.
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    one way to handle this is to provide no free resprays or service calls for short ap customer. Or ...provide a shortend guarantee--say 14 days.
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    Please answer the simple questions above

    You have yet to answer any questions

    If u make comments and can not back them up please don't post them

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    Merry Christmas Rod. If you PM me your address, Ill send you a huge wooden spoon to help you stir the pot more. [​IMG]
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    Save the postage!
    You may call it stirring the pot but I call it holding people accountable for what they say.

    This doesn't involve u so why r u even getting involved. U r the pot stir man!

    He hasn't answered b cuz there is no good answer for my queations.


    He will not find anywhere OSU or PURDUE stated to apply 6 apps as he said and there is nothing he could have applied June through August to improve the lawn other then water!

    All I asking for is two simple questions to be answered.

    Why r u even getting involved. Cant Nitroman take care of it himself?

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