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    Yeah we had a drought in Michigan but 90 percent of our customers have irrigation and are willing to run it. Yes I would rather have rain but we only skipped about 150 lawns on round 3 this year. I truly feel like what we applied greatly benefited the lawns.
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    Are you Ok with summer applications on irrigated turf? Problem is; how do we know when our customers will get out the hose and open the tap? Especially if we help the customer, and advise them to water the grass or lose it (reseed or resod). Likewise we don't know when the next rain may fall. I feel that a careful feeding of slow-release or organic fert on top, even if the grass is brown--will help speed recovery, when rains finally arrive.
    And, Rod, how do you feel about weeds? Some customers need control for nutsedge, crabgrass and spurge. Seems like nutgrass, crabgrass and spurge don't mind the heat, and can arise after even a light shower
    I want to be sure to apply grub control at the proper time--you never know if or how soon it will be watered-in of course.
    In the end, it depends on what the customer wants. He pays, and if he wants dense, fast-growing grass--quality like a baseball field--its our job to produce it for him.
    I am OK with postponing applications until after rain on large properties that are impractical to irrigate
    I agree with you on one thing--be prepared to seed or renovate drought damaged lawns in the fall--and be prepared to seed in spring, because la lot of people will not call till spring. And keep your sod farm on speed dial.
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    klsgc and Riggle,

    If you look back on the first page you will see I state in a wet year (or irrigated lawn) I can see where an "extra" application may be warranted due to turf not going dormant.

    Also most homeowners overwater their lawns and unfortunately more need needs to be applied.

    As far as summer annuals and nutsedge I think its on page 2 or 3 where we already discussed this.

    I bet we get calls from less then 5% of our customers about summer weeds.

    Again you just have to educate them and let them know that when you don't have grass you have weeds due to lack of competition.

    Thing is...if it is hot and dry you will not get good control anyway. So why spray if weeds are dormant and not going to die.
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    A while ago someone acknowledged the possibility of Nitrogen Burn... A little water releases N to the plant then dries up again, rather than ever getting enough water to break dormancy... putting N on in that case wouldn't speed recovery but actually burn the plant everytime it soaked in a couple of drops of water...

    The best example I saw was a non-irrigated lawn recieving all 6 or 7 applications over the course of 2 or 3 years... the lawn steadily declined during that period and even the areas that had been solid for years began to thin out and turn dusty...
    The h.o. was the first one to point it out and the family member eventually stopped the "Gift" of squirt&fert...
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    What I find funny is when most home owners switch to us from a 6 app company they feel that they were getting too many apps.
    Its pretty bad when the home owner knows its too many and the LCO doesn't.

    People around here get ticked when they see a lawn posted in August when it hasn't rained in two months.

    Kinda comes down to common sense...or lack there of!
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    :laugh: You're something else Rod. With regards to your "holding people accountable for what they say" comment; I remember talking to you on the phone years back shortly after Jerry Andersen bought that Permagreen from you and questioning the results you got from only performing 4 apps on your customer's lawns per year. I told you in that phone conversation that I couldn't see how you could offer good weed control if you only did 4 apps on your customer's lawns. Your reply to me was that almost all of your customers have large properties and that they don't expect their lawns to look as good as a small lawn like you'd find in a residential setting would. You told me in that conversation that most of your customers had areas of their lawns they don't go onto very often anyway (because of their size), so having more weeds wasn't a big deal to them. Now I see you're claiming that your lawns look as good as any lawn that receives 6 apps per year. That certainly flies in the face of what you're claiming in this thread.
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    What in the heck did I do to you buddy? The only time to chime in is when you only have something nevative to say. You and Effeciency must hang out. Good to see you on here though as it been while


    I do hold people accountable for what they say...and if you check this thread or any other I hold true to that. You tell me something I have stated in this thread or any other that I can't back up.

    As far as the comments I made to you...you have taken them totally out of context.

    I have have used this comment many many times when talking to other LCO's. Many LCO's say their customer call backs and complaints are huge when it comes to crabgrass and even summer annuals.

    We get VERY FEW weed complaints or call backs on weeds (even from out smaller lawns)...and here is where my comment should make sense to you.

    We get very few complaints because people with larger lawns don't notice a weed here and there or even a bare or thin spot as much as someone with a postage stamp.

    People with push mowers see their lawns 20 inchs at a time walking 2-3 mph.
    People with 72" zero turn mowers see their lawn at 9 mph.

    I guess the best way to put it is when you were here 4 years ago I probably had close to 200 accounts and now I have over 1900. You tell me if I am doing something right.


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