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3/4 inch rock pricing help

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Hey guys,

I have a job that requires a lot of hand work and I don't know what to charge. I am just looking for a labor charge.

There will be 70 yards of 3/4 inch rock delivered in 3 piles around the property. About half of it will be spread in a dog run by a skid steer and the other half will be in 3 to 4 foot beds around the perimeter of the house. Not too many plants to work around, but there will be some. Because of the concrete patios and such, about 35 yards wwill have to be done by wheel barrows. What would youi guys charge for just the labor of the 35 yards spread around the house with wheelbarrows?

Thanks for your help!!
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70 "yards", is that 140,000 lbs? we sell by the ton. i am told a yard =a ton. thats alot of stone. what kind of 3/4 " rock are we talkin about? we usually charge labor at $100 per ton, but never did a job that big.
From what I understand, the conversion rate is 1.3 therefore 10 yards equal 13 tons. So we are looking at about 91 tons of rock. There area to be covered is about 6000 square feet. As I said, half of it will be a dog run and we can spread that with a skid steer. My concern is for the half that has to be done by hand. Thanks for your help
Wow...whatever price you come up with, it is too low. That is alot of stone to spread by will be alot tougher than you think.
rock is heavy. i could retire on this job, or die. tell me exactly how many ton have to be wheelbarrowed, and how far, and ill give u a price
You should have come up with a per yard charge.
Stone cost plus labor.(I'm thinking around $45/yard labor)
Evens out the easy work,and the hard wheelbarrow spreads.
Stone is hard work.
I'm not sure if you got your answer on the 57 stone yet...but we occasionally have to move it by hand because the area isn't accessible by the excavator or skid steer...and of course if you can't get that equipment to the site it's pretty dang hard to move the stone by hand to the site. So having said that...3 guys can load a ton of stone in a weelbarrow and move it short distances up or down small/steep hills in about .5 to .75 hours. In thinking about your situation though with 90 some tons ...can you rent a tracked piece of equipment ...maybe even a backhoe? That's a lot to move by hand...good luck
The cost of the material plus the delivery charge is $1200.

Just under half can be pushed with a skid steer. The rest will be taken from piles and spread around the entire house at a distance of 3 to 4 feet off the house, in an herb garden right next to the rock pile, and a 1000 sq. foot island about 100 feet away from the closest pile.

What do you think?
Originally posted by dvmcmrhp52
You should have come up with a per yard charge.
Stone cost plus labor.(I'm thinking around $45/yard labor)
Evens out the easy work,and the hard wheelbarrow spreads.
Stone is hard work.
We get that for mulch.........
I charge per yard. Cost and labor combined..............$100+
Are you putting down fabric b4 the stone is laid? Cutting a deep edge around the beds?

Skid steer or not, stone install is worth $100 per yard, including the cost of the stone. THe fabric cost is extra.

If theres anyway you can get a Dingo in there with a small bucket to do around the house that will save you a lot of time. THe hard part about stone is not so much getting it to the beds or raking it....the hard part is picking it off the ground....and its so time consuming if you are picking it up with shovels which is why a Dingo would be a big help to you even if the Dingo only loads the wheelbarrows.

I'm not sure there's enough money to make me take on a stone job that big.Good luck and take your'll need them
We just spread 12 tons of 7/8- behind a house. We used wheelbarrow. Stone was in the street. Longest run was about 175 feet. It took three of my guys 3 hours to do it. Two loading and running and one raking it out. If we had a machine on site it would have taken about half that time or less. Slow going loading by hand.


well, we typically charge $135 a ton for standard stone(3/8, 3/4 , red, deleware, etc.), $145 for larger stone(goose egg, ex 1.5 inch deleware...) and $160 for marble(white, pink). this includes everything, cost of stone, delivery, and labor to install. anything extra(barrier, edging, etc.) is extra
A yard of this material is approx 1.4 tons. I would suggest spreading all that you can w/ the skidsteer, then keep the skid steer to load the rest of the material that has to be barrowed. If you're looking at moving +-40 yards approx 112,000 lbs., thats a lot of shoveling, and you'd be better off w/ 4 laborers, 3 6 cuft barrows and 1 loader operator. Just don't overload the barrows and blow the tires. A dingo would work, but they are S L O W !!
Originally posted by KenH
We get that for mulch.........
In conneticut you probably do,but our cost of living does not compare.
Use the skid steer to load the wheeelbarrows ..its allot of stone to move but not nearly as bad as if you had to shovel it in first ... moved about 14 yards the other day in a few hours using this method(2 guys pushing wheelbarrows)
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