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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by JRSlawn, Oct 24, 2004.

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    I am working on a bid for a company who own 15 houses in a row and all lots are close to 3/4 of an acre pretty falt and havbe a small hill in the front. How much do you guys think I should try to get per app. They will be lesco grannual apps with maybe a sprayable or two. Please help. Do you guys give owners a deal due to the large ammount of work? They have about 30 other properties that will get the dame treatment.


    Jeff Smith
    JRS Lawn & Landscape
  2. James Cormier

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    Jeff, a sqft is a sqft, so pricing should be easy enough.

    If all owned by the same person or if its a condo set up then I measure them all together,and one price if not they all get seperate prices.
  3. Pilgrims' Pride

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    If you do a search you'll find first and foremost that the ole' salts are going to tell you to make sure that you carry the appropriate license and insurance to apply those products.
    The requirements vary from state to state.
    I would start by asking the lesco people that.
    They can direct you.

    As for pricing............do it right.
    Don't drop your shorts with the idea that you will make out in the long run.
    Most of the time it will not work out that way.
    If you like offer a discount if accounts are paid up in a certain amount of time or offer some prepayment discount.
    Also, low balling really screws up the market for those who are charging properly.
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    not real sure what that means????

    But the thought I have is to be sure your gonna be paid in a timely manner. One owner and many accounts could mean you end up spending a lot of time chasing down your money. A prepay discount might be the best way to go...the customer gets a discounted price and you get paid...everybody is happy.
  5. GrazerZ

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    Thats 11.25 acres. First Measure it right. if you are up or down by a acre it could be a problem.
    I would do this job for 1968.75 per application. Materials I would figure about $495.00 for regular fert per application. I would schedule a day in a half by myself to do it. @ $100.00 per hr thats @14 hrs alotted. Just make sure you measure it....
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    The only deal I would offer in pricing is the elimination of travel/trip costs.

    If you divide your travel/trip cost by 15 it is essentially free.

    Not that it means anything to you, but if I were quoting this my price per application would be $139 per home assuming your 3/4 acre is correct. You have to allow time for blowing off sidewalks and driveways if you want to to this the right way.
  7. turf hokie

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    Grazer Z
    Is your $175 per acre based on the houses being all together? or is that your base price for all applications. Would you charge more if those 15 houses were driving distance apart?

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