3/4 ton or heavier.

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Swampy, Dec 29, 2008.

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    Currently all I have is a 1500 Ram from 94, it ain't much at all but she'll get the job done. She's got a new tranny and has a 5.9L in her but what she lacks is 4 wheel drive. Leaving option less for winter plowing unless I through a salter on her and put in a locker rear?????. Mechanically she is sound and like a rock. That why she will be pulling a small enclosed trailer for spring, summer, and fall. But thinking future.

    But my other options I can put to the plate.
    I asked my brother, who is a used dealership mechanic with a ASE and a auction license for WI. "Can I get a decent 3/4 ton with a plow for cheap?" well he told me he's got a 98 GMC 3/4 ton diesel 4x4 that he picked up for $4,000 that had a 8'2" Boss V laying in the bed from Milwaukee County (looks brand new maybe a year old) selling for $9,500. Granted this is a sweet deal but a summertime plow truck goes for cheap at auto auctions. Its decent, standard cab, long box, weather guard toolbox 1/2 with a transfer tank in the other 1/2, fleet maintained, engine and tranny is sound, with 150K miles, comes wired for plow and has beckon, but ugly mustard yellow color, tires got maybe 2 years left, and has been a few wrecks.

    2nd option is my farming buddy has got his 68 AM General 6x6 (reworked 88 sold as surplus in 96) up for sale at just over $6,000, it has a 12,000 lb winch on the front (used to pull tractors) tires are all directional and are about 75% with a spare 6 tires and rims that are brand new, amphibious kit, 5 gal ether tank, 6 cyl straight CAT Diesel, tire deflate, 2spd rear end and manual Trans, it will run off anything in the fuel tank (gasoline, diesel, whiskey, kerosene), 6x6 drive is working, and a bolt on air brakes. Down sides its got about 2,000 working hours, its old, no plow, no dump (but can fab both a plow and dump off existing hydraulic tank for central hydraulics from winch), it runs but needs new battery bank badly, spare tire doesn't crank down, needs a canvas topneeds a new clutch (has been speed shifting with it, tranny says "I don't like you" when you do it wrong), air brakes are just about shot, needs paint (no camo and rust). Well anyways throw a 10 footer in front of her and wing to the side......shes got the power to move a mountain. Total cost to re-equip/fix and purchase would be around 16K.

    Yeah its a black and white question really but its a question of should I go big or go home?
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    I think you need to look around more. Large truck prices are through the floor now.

    Your brother wants to sell you an ugly mustard yellow 3/4 ton, that is 10 years old, has 150K, been in a few wrecks and has obviously been used for plowing for $9,500?????? Unless the plow in the back is worth $7k, that is not a good deal, at least not around here.

    You have a farm "buddy" who wants $6k for a 68 AM General, that would take another $10K to get operational. What kind of deal is that?

    If you are just looking for a plow truck, at least around here, for $16K, you could get a sweet F350, or a 3500 that was only a few yrs old, and still under factory warranty. You could have a very sweet, reliable ride.

    I wouldn't touch either of the vehicles you mentioned, not for anywhere near the prices you are talking about.
  3. Swampy

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    Yeah I probably should look around a bit more. I don't want to sound cheap but really can't use the dodge as a trade in, they'll probably only give me 50 bucks for it lol.
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    I agree with the other guys, both trucks they want gold for garbage. The 6x6 sounds like a total basket case, and even fixed up would be hard to drive and plow with. If it's a '68 it may not even have power steering.

    For 16K you should be able to find a clean 4x4 3/4 or 1 ton pickup, pick your brand they all have pluses and minuses.

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