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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tsmith82, Aug 24, 2004.

  1. tsmith82

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    from toledo
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    I just got started up this and and own a JD 36" WB. A lady called today and isn't happy with her LCO now and wanted a bid. Comes out shes got 3.5 acres and theres a good amount of trimming. The current LCO charges her $500/ month. I hate to turn away business, but would anyone think of cutting that large of a yard with a 36" deck on a WB.

    I told her I hope to have some larger equipment next yr, and I'll give her a call. What would you guys charge on something like that?
  2. ProStreetCamaro

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    Well figure it like this. Say you get a new 52" lazer and finance the whole thing and it cost's you $200 a month. So you cut it for $500 a month and make $300 and the other 200 pay's for the new mower. You now have a new bigger mower and can get some bigger lawns AND are still making that extra $300 a month. Its a win win situation!!!
  3. txlawnking

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    Unless the lady becomes a liability ( PITB ) and you lose her, and your new mower's meal ticket. I don't think I'd put all my eggs in one basket, But, I would have done it for $500... That would be $500 more than before, no? Save the five hunch a month until you buy a 52-60" machine out right, or maybe find other prop's similar to hers that pay similarly, So you can justify the ZTR.. Just my nickel..
  4. MMLawn

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    if you have the time I'd try it I think because I don't believe as a LCO you could get $500 a month for 3.5 acres here.
  5. jbell113

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    I would do it in a heartbeat. It will only take a few extra minutes to cut with a 36" rather than a 52"
  6. Papa Wheelie

    Papa Wheelie LawnSite Member
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    no way! i have a 36 surfer and that property would take me at least 3 hours of mowing and maybe 1.5 of edging
    4.5 hours a week x 4 weeks = 18 hours per month
    That is only $27.78/hour
    with my costs, i figure i wouuld only make about $18/per hour profit.
    my price would be more like $800 - $900 per month
  7. dvmcmrhp52

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    I wouldn't even consider doing 3.5 acres with a 36, but I'm probably a bit spoiled.
    That would be 2.5-3 hours with trimming, using a 36".
  8. printer88

    printer88 LawnSite Member
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    I would do it in an instant,even with a 36".Turning people down is an easy way to go out of business.So go for it.As long as there is profit.You'll build up money for a new 52" rider.
    The only way I would turn it down is if I absolutely did not have time to do it.
  9. tsmith82

    tsmith82 LawnSite Member
    from toledo
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    I almost agree with you printer88, turning down business my first year is no good. I think I might call the lady back and maby land the job. I'm up in OH so there isn;t to much mowing left in the season and hopfuly by next year I can get a larger deck. It's gonna be a long day when I cut hers though!
  10. CJ GreenScapes

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    I think your numbers would look more like this:

    4.5 hours per week x 33 weeks = 148.5 hours per year
    $500 x 12 months = $6000
    $6000 / 148.5 = $40.40 per hour

    That's $30 per hour profit based on Wheelie's numbers. I'm not sure where you need to be, but I don't think that is too bad. And you do not have the expense of the new mower.

    Just my .02

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