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3-5" River rock coverage


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coastal NC
we use a lot of 3-5 and only get 75 sqft.


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Central Jersey
I know its a bit of a weird question since I stated in in 'yards' not 'tons'.

Reason I ask is that I have an area of a potential job in which the customer wants to replace want amounts to 2 yds of mulch @ 2" depth with 3-5" delaware river rock. I'm just trying to see how to convert a 'yard' of 3-5 RR into a 'yard' of mulch. I mean theoritically speaking you can't have a 2" thick layer of this rock since its smallest size is 3".

Working the calculation backwords I have 325 ft2 I need to cover. Assumming the lower end of the two numbers provided (75) that means I need ~4yds.

Now, next question. Is 1.8 tons per cubic yard an okay conversion for obtaining the price...so 7.2 tons?