3 acres of Bermuda

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    A landscaper friend sent a referral to a customer yet have been working in. Guy just built a house on about 3.5 acres. Laid irrigation on entire property. Sodded and spiffed Bermuda

    The property is about 40 minutes away and u have nothing anywhere close. So the drive would be for 1 job. Sounds like money isn't a problem.

    What would u price per application? I told them rough guess of $800 per app to pads on to customer without seeing it and would be glad to go meet.

    I'm also thinking that aerations, grub, and other upsells a possibility.
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    Suppose you charge a dollar per thousand for labor, about the same for product (some rounds more--some less). Add 25 percent for profit. Perhaps add a dollar per minute for the drive. Add $5 for his share of overhead (billing, postage, insurance, rent). I would charge about $475.
    11 bags of fert, one hour to do the job, 80 minutes drive time.
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    600-800, depending on variables.

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