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    and all i have is a 44" dixie with no bagging system. a friend gave me this lead cause he has no time and i am just starting out, still in the "i will do anything" faze. he quoted her $500 and she wasnt completely sold until i said i would blower her entire roof off and do an extra corner that she had not bothered with.

    anyways, i am 99% i can get this job at $500 or $450 worst case. problem is, i will not rake all this. good thing, there is a burn site in her back yard where she wants everything dumped so there is no removal.

    i have tried to find a place to rent a riding leaf vaccum or something with no luck. and i said i have no bag so what is my next best option.

    A. you guys tell me some great simple way to get this done in 3 hours by myself with something i dont know about

    B. rake myself and or hire someone to help ($10 type help at the local store) and hate everything about the job the 15 hours it takes to finish and try to kill myself on the job.

    C. Sorry ma'am, not going to happen. good luck....
  2. If we are talking a full 3 acres of leaves from big oaks and what not, you will be working a lot longer than 3 hours even if all you are using is blowers. $500 is way too low. You need to double that for it to be worth your while. I also wouldn't take jobs based on what others quote....you need to charge what YOU need to charge.
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    Its a 3 acre lot, i would say an honest 1.5 of land but scattered around.

    also, i am too new to figure out my time and price for this. . he is a good friend who quoted a number and he felt comfortable with that.
  4. without the proper equip like our northern friends have for leaf cleanups...just using blowers can be very time consuming. If it is a lot of live and laurel oak leaves...simply cutting with a mulch kit or plate won't do the trick. If these are other leaves and you dont have a mulch kit or plate on your mower, you can throw a set of gators on, get all the leaves into a central location and rake and bag. Can you give me more info on your equip, the way the property is set up, the trees, and what exactly the customer wants....
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    Over the last 30 years we have mulched all our leaves...you just need to have a mulch kit and run over them 3-4 times.

    Personally, i'd rather ride around on a large mower than bag up and haul off leaves. You'll need a dust mask and goggles that keep dust out of your eyes.

    Whatever works for you though...you'll need to do it many times before you'l know what to bid each time

    .. most guys are going to tell you mulching won't work or it will look bad.....I'd recommend trying it a few times...I hate to haul off leaves and clippings (when you bag, you also collect dirt and also deprive the lawn of organic material that can help to keep weeds down, save on water and generally make the dirt more healthy).

    What also works....Mulch around once and then take mulch plate off and push remaining leaves toward center (mow in a clockwise pattern, throwing the leaves inward) until you get leaves in a pile...the remaining leaves you can then bag...but there won't be as large a volume-

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    Mulching leaves only work for you southern guys with very little leaves, Its impossible to mulch the leaves in the fall time up north.

    If it were me trying to do what you want without all the proper leaf equipment like we have north, I would take your little mower and keep mowing in circles working form the outside in until you mowed all leaves into a pile in the middle of the yard then i would rake them all on a big 20x30 tarp and pull it with my mower over to the burn pile.
  7. in florida, you aren't going to effectively mulch live or laurel oak leaves in st. augustine. The need to be blown out or use a lawn vac.
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    If you do not have the right stuff to work with move on to the next job ..if you try and do the job you will not look like a pro and might not get work from that customer down the road and might even get bad mouthed ..not good for you..tell them you are not set up for that type of work right now you might be surprised how a little hounesty will grow your buisness..i have turned down work becuase i was not ready for it at the time and i did get call backs and work from some of those customers...
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    Like he said, you can run over those oak leaves as many times as you want, they aren't going to mulch. With limited equipment, blowing them into larger piles then raking them is probably your only option. We turned our old open trailer into our Feb-March Oak leaf/pollen clean up trailer. With two billy goat vacs and the trailer to quickly dump the bags onto, you can make pretty quick work of the oak leaves on small and large properties.
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    I'm telling you guys...done it many many times...people from up north talk about the volume of leaves...but those leaves are generally a lot easier to mulch up-

    -Live Oak leaves here are as difficult as it comes.

    One of these days I'm gonna Demo a mower when I am in Indiana visiting my uncle and take lots of photos--maybe when I'm up at the big Show in Louisville-October
    let me see if I can find a photo to post...

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