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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by economiclawncare, Jul 2, 2004.

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    i am now cutting an acre lawn for about $85 which includes trimming a ditch and around some farm houses but no edging and no blowing (no driveways or sidewalks), and it is about 30 min each way.now they want two more acres just mowed no trimming or edging, but want these 2 acres done every two weeks how much should i charge for these two extra acres which will proably have about 4 inches of new growth when i do them and it doesnt have to be pretty just cut. and how long do yall think it will take with a 48" Z. Thanks for input.
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    Here in FL I get $50 for 1 acre lots for mowing only. I have an account that is 2.25 acres and includes some trimming around the house and pole building. I get $125 for that account. It depends on the area where you live. You might get a little more or less depending on the amount of trimming and the number of obstacles that you have to mow around.
    As far as time to mow is concerned..you should be able to mow 1.5 acres per hour on average with your mower. Again it depends on obstacles, roughness of terrain, height of grass, etc. With my 52" Hustler I can mow the 1 acre account in 45 minutes. The 2.25 acre account takes 2 hours or so.
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    yeah i was thinking about $45 an acre for those two sense i am getting $85 for that one acre and because i will already be there

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