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    Hello - My question is this - I currently have a 52/25 super z (05 model) and a humbolt 3 bagger system on it. it works good to great. But it sometimes clogs in tall grass if I go too fast or if the grass is too wet. Won't bag weeds (don't know if this is unusual or not) and plugs with tumbleweeds (1 or 2)

    okay - actually this is my question - How well does the hustler 3 bagger system perform compared to the humbolt system? Is the hustler system better? If so why? what makes it better - is it worth the extra $400?

    I was mowing and bagging today, It rained last night so the grass was cool/slightly damp. cutting off about 4-6 inches. It bagged good and the grass looked great. mowed about 130K SF and it only clogged once or twice but I was making sure I wasn't going too fast(fast walking speed to almost jogging). How much better is the hustler??

    Does anyone have pics of a hustler unit? several detailed would be great....I know...a lot to ask

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    Here is a thread with the pictures and pricing information
    As far which is better....
    That is a personal preference....
    I can tell you the blower we use is the same blower we have used since 1995, it is proven !!!
    You are buying a Hustler product, not a aftermarket.


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