3 Best Ways To Get Longest Diamond Blade Life

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    Extending the life of your diamond blades can be tiring and sometimes annoying. When you’re out on the job, you want to get started as fast as you can and get on to the next project. Time is money, and that is exactly why you should follow these 3 steps to ensure you are getting the absolute most out of your diamond blade investment.

    1. Use Water – can it be a pain? Yes. Is it worth it? DEFINITELY! Using water limits the dust making it safer and cleaner cutting. Also, it keeps the diamond blade cool which can increase blade life up to 30%

    2. Use the correct diamond blade for your application – I hear it all the time, “my guys won’t change the blade off of the Husqvarna when we go from cutting concrete to asphalt” My response is always the same, be prepared to spend more on your blades. It is well worth the blade change out if you cut both materials frequently. Also, you can get a combo blade like the Sidewinder which can cut both asphalt and concrete equally well.

    3. Make sure your equipment is tuned up and working properly- Look, if you don’t maintain your saws and equipment, it can easily damage or warp a blade. You need to check and make sure the diamond blade is aligned properly on the saw and that the flanges are clean and secure.

    Following these simple steps can go a long way. Many times, two different customers get the same blade but have completely different feedback. After more fact finding, I always find out that the customer who had a problem, was not following any of the steps I mentioned above. If you have any questions on any of these, please reach out to me and I can go into them in more detail.

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