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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jarroo's lawncare, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. jarroo's lawncare

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    What would you guys charge by the hour for 3 guys doing tree and shrub trimming, basically a big cleanup job that took 21 hours and lots of labor. I was just trying to get an idea on charging by the hour on 3 guys. Then i will figure in equipment and fuel. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. nobagger

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    First find out how much it costs you to run your business as to what you need to charge per hour per guy to make a profit. Get a business plan together so you are not asking this on every job you do. Its nearly impossible to tell you how much to charge. Buy the Lawncare Success down loads on this site they have a great template already set up just plug in the numbers as you need to. Some guys in here are probably at 50+ dollars per man hour and some may be at 15 dollars so there is too much discrepancy to give you an honest answer.
  3. Justcutitshort

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    Tree work should get you more perhour than shrub work. I'd just use the same rate you get for all you're other work and be happy.
  4. willretire@40

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    21hours all together or 21 hours for each man = 63 hours

    21 hours=$1050

    63 hours= $3000
  5. Precision

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    what nobagger said.

    and if my guys were doing shrub and tree work for 21 man hours it would be a minimum of $2100 plus dump fee. Now I would not charge after the work was done, but before. No idea what my estimate would have been for, but if I thought it would be 21 hours, then I would probably have bid $2400 plus $75 per dump trip expected.
  6. jarroo's lawncare

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    How would you guys go about charging for equipment usage chain saw, hedge trimmer, blower, mowers, trimmer, and brush cutter.
  7. jarroo's lawncare

    jarroo's lawncare LawnSite Member
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    I am paying the other two guys by the hour. One gets ten and the other gets eight, so is equipment figured in with the hourly rate or should it have its own price.
  8. hole in one lco

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    its all figured in the hourly rate my hourly rate is 40 per head
  9. nobagger

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    All of your expenses should be figured into your per hour rate. Mine happens to be $36.00 per guy, per hour. I am a smaller company with only 3 part time employees so my overhead is very low. Buy the templates it will be worth its weight in gold and it will give you an accurate hourly rate.
  10. Future LCO

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    As mentioned before all of your expenses should be factored in to your hourly rate. Now as for expenses such as travel time to jobsite, Fuel usage, and Disposal those vary a lot in between companies. Myself, I dont feel I need to make a profit off of my guys just driving so i factor in the drive time into the man-hour. But i dont charge anything for driving time. I factor fuel usage into the man-hour but add a 2% surcharge for all fuel that goes over $2.50. Which up until about a week ago i was adding to all of my accounts. Next year i will adjust my man-hour rate for the more expensive gas and will move the surcharge up to 3.50 and over probably. Disposal? I dont need to make a profit off of my company not being close enough to the jobsite to effeciently remove the debris and jsut take to the shop. So i just charge any fee that I have to pay to remove the debris.

    As for equipment usage? Is all this equipment you have? Or did you have to Rent the equipment? Eitherway it should be factored into the manhour. Quesstimate how much rental you will use for the year and break it down into manhour form. If you feel like ou're going over that then i guess you can add a rental fee or just add it into the price under labor or materials. But remember its not the customers fault you dont own a stump grinder or tree chipper or a skidloader.

    but do what you want. lol.

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