3 Important Things To Consider About Driveway Markers Besides Price

The snow removal industry moves lightning fast. Having urgency and moving quickly is an absolute must in the life of a snow plow driver. We know that you need vendors that respond just as fast as you do. That is why we focus on 3 important action items to make sure your experience with us is as good as it possibly can be.

Here are the 3 ways we move fast and efficiently to help you get your snow removal products in the shortest amount of time possible
  1. Availability – Football coaches always say the most important ability is avail”ability”. That is why our offices are fully staffed 7:30am to 7:30pm during the busy snow season. We are hear to answer all of your question on driveway markers, snow safety gear and everything else we carry. We estimate answering 98% of all of our phone calls in mid October. Can our competitors say the same? Also, ordering driveway markers can be a little tricky. Stake companies have used all sorts of marketing techniques to lower stake cost. 3 ft stakes, hollow inside of the stake etc. Sometimes you need a person to talk to to make sure you are getting the correct snow removal stuff and specs on your products
  2. Response Time – Don’t you hate it when you leave a message or text someone and they take a day to get back to you? or 2 days even? Or maybe, they don’t get back to you at all? We respond to email inquiries in under an hour. We answer phone calls on the first ring over 80% of the time and we return phone calls with product requests in under an hour. Bottom line is this, if you have a question on the snow plow items we carry, you’re going to find all the answers you need almost on the spot.
  3. Overall Shipping Logistics – You ever order an important item online and you keep clicking the “track shipment” button but it just doesn’t move? With us, we email you as soon as your order ships. The best part about this is we have a same day shipping promise. If we break our promise, we guarantee to ship it the very next day. This goes for even our busiest times. Our warehouse works hard and has systems in place to ship the product safely and effectively and get your driveway markers on the road to you.
Simple concepts overall, but do all of your vendors follow them? We do. Feel free to test out our claims by requesting a quote or shooting us an email. Winter IS