3 landscapers stopped while i was working

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Nov 21, 2003.

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    in relation to a previous thread. here is what happened today, to me. how it will turn out, is yet to be seen. a man called for leaf cleanup, from my paper ad. i quoted him 3 bills. he says go for it. i made certain of property lines, and what his expectations were, we are good to go. payment is due upon completion. as we are working, 3 landscapers driving by, stop to talk to me. two i know, and consider to be very reliable sources, the other, a complete stranger. thier story was all the same. "i worked for this guy, no matter what u do, he will complain. he'll say u didn't do a good enough job, u didnt do what was agreed upon, anything to get u to come back and do more work, seems he just gets his rocks off seeing people sweat on his property. he always pays, but u have to go back and do more work or he wont pay. one time, he didn't pay his bill for 2 weeks, then said i did a bad job, when the fact is, over the period of 2 weeks, the wind blew leaves back on his property." well, i was 3/4 of the way done when these fellows stopped, so i finished the job. it was flawless. knocked on the door, no body answered. called his office, got machine, left messege. i'm a bit worried at this point. he was supposed to pay when i was done. called his house, left messege, "i will be sending someone to pick up a check between 6 and 7 pm. the total is $318. " my instructions for this person are simple. get the check, if he isnt home, or jerks u around in any way, pull out your cell phone and call the police. right there, on his front steps. don't argue, just dial 911. i'm tellin you guys, i'm a bit concerned about this. never had 3 guys stop and tell me they all worked for someone, and he's a stroker. i'll give u an update. i'm actually afraid to see this man myself, for fear he may try to give me the run around, and i may do something, well, not so nice.
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    Funny story, i had a lady last fall that called me in October at the beginning of leaf season. I told her i would clean all the beds out and pick up all the leaves but that i thought she should wait until the majority of them were down as she only wanted it done once throughout the year. She said no and to do it that day. I say OK. I get done and the yard is spotless. 2 weeks later i send a bill and i dont here from her for another month and a half. I call her and she tells me that since all the leaves just dropped she wasnt going to pay me since i didnt come back to pick them up. WHAT A WACKO. I told her since obviously she needed the money more then me that she could keep it. This summer i drove by and saw a guy i used to work for cutting her grass, i got out and was telling him the story when she saw me and ran me off. He called me that night and told me that she owed him for 2 months and he was done cutting her yard. Some people are idiots.
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    Maybe you better take bubba with ya bobby...he could probably use a change of scenery anyway...LOL
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    will be intersesting at what will happen
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    What can you say, but get your money. Maybe he won't jerk you around.
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    so-n-so, why does this seem so funny to u?
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    Hey Bobby-I still have a full load of leaves in my dump truck, probably about 20 yds or so.I can be in Jersey in six hours, just tell me how to get to his driveway!!!Or front door!Some people are just inherently idiots. I hope you get paid, man.:blob2:
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    Because its a civil matter, not a criminal matter.
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    Hurry up Bobby.....I need to leave at 7 and I want to find out if he took you.

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