3 part question: Ferris vs Gravely

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by doobs41378, Oct 17, 2012.

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    I am just a homeowner with a small lot so this is purely a want not a need. I have narrowed it down to Gravely HD 44" or 48" or Ferris is500z. Both run right around 5k and are at the same dealer.My lot is very flat with no hills. Here are my 3 questions:

    Which would you choose if it was you?
    Any idea how much a simple bagger for each is?
    Do I need a bagger if I mulch around my inground pool?

    Thanks for any help you could give me.
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    so first realize, that the time, attention, repairs, fuel and purchase of that machine will cost in excess of $6200.00 over the course of four years (the life of a residential home owner machine)

    also realize that for $60 or so you could get your lawn cut 20 times a year by a professional that will cost $1200.00 times four years is $4800.00, plus you get all the time you would spend cutting your grass to spend doing something else.

    save money and more time? hmmmm.

    if you want it bagged it would cost extra, probably another $30.00 but maybe you dont need it bagged every time it's cut?

    Get professional lawn maintenance quotes from three places to make a good decision, before you go buy a nice shiny toy. What you are looking at is not the same type or quality of machine the rest of us are operating. It's the home depot version.

    Given that bit of information, I would buy the Ferris.

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