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    Need some advise. Looking for a nice 3 point sprayer to put behind a compact tractor. Will be primarily spraying larger properties (2 to 3 acres) and athletic fields. Thinking about a 50 gallon setup?? Fimco seems cheap, but are they ok? I've also looked at Crop Care sprayers. They seem nice. What type roller pump should I look at? Will be spraying organics and broadleaf control. (yes, I'm licensed) Thanks.
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    Check this thread out from earlier this summer.
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    Demco sprayer with a hypro 6 spline pto pump.
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    Thanks for the information. I'll let you all know what I come up with.
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    We make an 85 gallon 3-point hitch sprayer (please see link below). Accessories are available including a foam marker, hose reel and electronic controls. If you call our office we discuss the best pump, boom and nozzle options for your needs. Thanks.

    Rhett Clark
    Gregson-Clark Spraying Equipment


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    Fimco's are alright for non-alkaline based herbicides with in-frequent use.
    The stock seals are prone to degrading rapidly, particularly at higher flow rates.
    They do make a 3 point with better seals and a roller pump but these are typically a order item as most ag stores won't carry the better set-up.
    Bear in mind that the pump type and seal composition, as well as boom arrangement is often what differentiates a less expensive sprayer set-up.
    Save your self the headache and purchase a 3 point already configured with a remote hose reel and at least 200' of half inch line and a spray gun as well as the boom set-up.
    You may not be able to back into a smaller area and the hose reel comes in handy for tree/landscape spraying as well.

    Currently I have a skid sprayer set-up but am looking for a self contained ride on sprayer of at least 200 gallons, the same type of set-up you see on golf courses.
    Not only are my properties maintained increasing in size I am being asked to spray multiple acreage estates above 10 acres in size. And there is no way to skid spray properties like this.

    I checked into 50/75/and 100 gallon 3 point set-ups to go on my tractor but I didn't like the compaction issue and weight essentially behind the drive tires. I'm thinking of stability as well as maneuverability.

    Surprisingly I have found 200-300 gallon ride on units used, in good condition for less than $5K with basic controls. I do not like the Raven type controls and flow meters associated with the more computerized set-ups as I have experienced nothing but continued solenoid problems with the high-tech approach. Besides, I calibrate at least once per month so I don't expect problems with the manual valve set-ups anyways.
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