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3 Questions on 44" Toro Proline


LawnSite Member
I just purchased a 2003 44" Toro Walk-Behind (Model# 30318) and had some questions about it...

I can't seem to get the right brake (steel strap) to tighten enough against the drum to grip as well as the left. I'm sure the person who used it before me mainly turned right, left turns are very good. But even after tightning the wingnut down a bit and compensating with the v-belt rod, it squeals a bit and grabs, but not that tight. I had to back it off a bit because I tightened it so much it was dragging... I haven't yet taken off the drum to see if its scorched, but before I do, does this sound like the problem? Or could it be the metal belt that tensions around it. I don't know much about what to look for as far damage needing to be replaced. Does the strap just last until it breaks? The difference between part prices is about $40.

The motor that came with it is a Kohler Command Pro 15, the model is a CV15T. What does the T mean?

Toro partsmaster lists the mower as coming with a peerless 700-070A, 5 forward and 1 reverse. But the trans thats on it is a peerless 700-08(or 6)2. I can't make out the one number because of the gasket sealent. Its a 4 forward and 1 reverse. What gives? The shift plate matches it, but it seems odd that toro tells me different.

Thanks for your help!


LawnSite Bronze Member
First let me say WELCOME TO LAWNSITE :drinkup:

Your brake band is lined with a brake like material and it is probably missing from yours, you will need to replace it(I would repl both and adjust). I could be wrong but I think the T is a Toro code.
The trans may have been replaced sometime in its life and thats why your #'s are not matching up.

Hope this helps:)


LawnSite Member
Thanks for the info on the brakes. The price of the band is $45 and the price of the drum is $7, so I was hoping to get away with just the drum. I will remove it later today and take a look at it to see, if its missing the pad, I'll know now.

Thanks for your greeting. :)

I made a slight mistake. The person I bought it from said it was an 03', I didn't even check the plate because I believed him. Looked up the 03's on Partsmaster and saw the 30318 which looked identical to mine, just assumed that was it... Well I looked at the plate today, turns out it is a 30177, the 02' model. Checked the list again and it came up with the peerless 4 speed for that model. My mistake, but it looked the same... The mower only has a little over 200 hours on it, so they would have had to beat it hard to have replaced the transmission.