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    * I did a search and could not find what I was looking for so,,,

    1. Are most commercial accounts XXX $ per cut OR XXX $$ per year.

    2. What kind of $ per hour should you be looking to gross on a two man crew (with the right equipment ) cutting grass at a commercial account.
    I have no idea, $60 $ 70 ???

    3. When you summit a bid, do you list the cost of, grass cutting, bush trimming, flower planting all individual or just say, this is the cost for every thing for the year. :)

    I know this is a very hard question to answer due to the amount of variables but I need something to start by. I will learn the rest as I go but I just don't want to low ball the accounts till then.

    * If you can help me on any of the following question please do so. any and all help is appreciated

    Thank you,
    - Eric
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    Question #1:
    You could do it either way, I do mine per cut rather than per year because the number of mowing weeks could vary year to year, however some commercial clients want to see the yearly breakdown not a weekly breakdown.

    Question #2:
    This number depends on you, what do you need to gross in order to make a profit?
    This number will vary for everone. You need to factor in such things as insurance, equipment costs, maintenance, fuel, labor rate for your employees, workmans comp etc.

    Question #3
    I personally break everything down into individual items. (Lawn Maintenance, Pruning, Fertilizing, Weed Control and Sprinkler Maintenance) I also let them know that additional items can be performed on a time and materials basis.

    Hope this helps some.

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