3 ride-ons (2 on ebay now)

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    Ebay has 2 ride-on sprayer/spreaders listed right now. (just type 'ride on' and look in the 'home & garden' category.

    1) Brand new "PG Magnum" in NJ for $5999 buy it now price. Shipping available.

    2) 2008 "Pathfinder" by Ground Logic in Lincoln, NE. Starting bid $4700. I think it might be new too. Shipping available.

    3) Today I saw that Tri State West sells the Northern Turf "SS 220" sprayer/spreader. They say it can spread as far as 32 feet. 3 different spray widths: 16/8/4 feet. 1st gear (recommended for spraying) = 3.5 mph. 2nd gear = 5.5 mph. 3rd gear = transport speed (they never said how fast that was) Reverse = just 2.5 mph. Anybody use these?? I only see new ones at shows & at Tri State (picked up a 'Lawn Solutions' hyrdro aerator there today).

    I'm curious how guys like the Pathfinder and the SS220. Please respond if you tried these - thanks.

    My opinion is to go with a Z or a T :usflag:, but lots of guys use other brands.
  2. Heidi J.

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    I found this under ride ons... :laugh: can you give me a link?

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    I know what you mean -- lots of kiddie pool stuff. :laugh: (I didn't realize that swimming pool stuff relates to 'home & garden').

    You can find the 2 ride-ons by searching for the item number.

    PG = item number 250361758440

    Pathfinder = item number 120450713556

    Good luck. :waving:
  4. Heidi J.

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    Thanks :waving:
  5. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Good links Larry,

    As I contemplate over the rest of the season into winter if I will ramp up my applications side of things - the ride on units seem to be a good way to go. Up front cost is a lot, but they just seem so versatile. After I do some thinking and revamp my biz plan, I may look into one of these for next season. Although I am doing a good job for my customers with my backpack, my shoulders just kill after a day of spraying with it.
    Not very efficient, but can be very painful.
  6. Heidi J.

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    You are very smart to look things over and decide if this is right for you and your customers.These machines are great. Not only do they make it easier on the applicator, but the production they can do on these in a day is awesome!! We bought one 4 years ago and have bought a new z every year since. Here are some things you are going to want to ask yourself or consider before buying one, is the square footage you treat enough to accomadate a ride on? Are your lawns more then 9-10,000 square foot or bigger? If not, you may just want to start pulling a hose. You can do 300-500,000 square foot a day on these bad boys. But if all the lawns you treat are small, it may not worth it. Good luck!

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    When I was reading the specs of the SS 220 it looked sweet. Then when I saw the picture I think it looks like a piece of junk. I guess that is just me. Attached is the PDF document with the specs.

    Here is the website:

    Attached is specs


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