3 way plugs

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  1. unit28

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    3ways are so overrated...
    I'm thinking a double sided outlet extender in tripple setups are more apt to
    fix any issues with achieving the grizzzwald effect.

    I mean when you have a 15amp circut and throw duals extenders on and attach them to the main extender receptor, it allows the installer to really make things sparkle

    30,000 watts of lights on one circut are a thing of the past IMO
  2. yard_smart

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    we don't really use them because we only use LED's

    we can get alot of lights on a 30 amp breaker.
  3. turf hokie

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    How many residential houses do you service that have 30 amp breakers?

    Is your first tip how to use photos on your website that arent yours?
  4. meets1

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    The phote thing - those there are fighten words!!

    3 way pluga are great to work with.

    Every house we have done this year all have 15 amp breakers - this is plugging into there outside outlets.

    I have a done a few commercial buildings where the outside outlets are 20 amp.

    I haven't seen any 30's yet on anything I have installed.

    Unless your code in different but a 30amp is unheard of here.
  5. David Gretzmier

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    I see mostly 20 amp breakers on any home built in the last 30 years. older than that , 15 amps are seen here and there but still mostly 20's until you go down to really old houses with the screw in fuses.

    I have a 30 amp 120 breaker in my shop for a 120v mig welder that pulls 26 amps on my meter when welding on the high. but some folks overload a 20- amp circuit so much that many homeowners and uncaring electricians just pop in a 30 amp breaker in the place of of a 20. in commercial you might get away with that using 12 guage stranded wire on outlets close to the panel, and maybe only having 20 amp outlets on the loop, but code requires 10 guage wire or higher on 30 amp breakers, and only 30 amp rated outlets or plugs are supposed to be allowed.

    I do use some stock photo's from HBL as I sell HBL products. I see no harm in that. but the houses on my site are done by me.

    I do agree that excellent marketing usually trumps the guy that does the best work. but I have found it has taken years in this biz to figure out what excellent marketing looks like. and I still am working on creating that brand that brings in the leads that are profitable and close. It is good to know we do the best work of any company in my area. but we have to have the best marketing to continue to grow beyond where we are.
  6. yard_smart

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    Just my two cents
  7. yard_smart

    yard_smart LawnSite Senior Member
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    How's this for using stock photos and not knowing what a 3 way plus is?!?!

    Signed up a municipality on a 3 year contract this season!
  8. meets1

    meets1 LawnSite Gold Member
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    I dont get it. Ok you did a few buildings but you say not knowing anything about 3 way plug and using stock photo's?
  9. yard_smart

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    I was touching back on the point that marketing and sales will trump knowing the ins and out of the technical side. The guy above mentioned that not knowing what a 3 way plug is and using stock photos to a point made us less of a company... a legit company that is.

    Just proving a point.
  10. Jason Rose

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    What I read here: "oh we can sell a job, but we don't really know what the hell we are doing".

    If you don't know something as simple as a 3-way do you understand amp ratings, wattages, how to measure either? What guage of extention cords to use? What your limit amp limit is per breaker? (Obviously NOT if you claim there's a 30 amp breaker for a 120V line)

    We had a company here that was the same way last year. They could sell and sell and sell the jobs! Man they were selling them like crazy. But they were CLUELESS as to how to do the actual work! Hired inexperienced labor, thinking "what's the big deal, it's just climbing ladders and hanging lights". HAHA. They were tripping breakers, melting wires, redoing whole jobs at times. They found out that knowing the TECHNICAL side of the business is actually MORE important than selling... They went out of business.

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