$30.00 lawn cuts UP to 1 ACRE.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by nlminc, Dec 1, 2005.

  1. nlminc

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    I know this topic has been beat to death here. Just came across this ad today in my local paper. We get 45-60 for 3/4 an acre and this bozo is advertising $30.00 up to an acre. I thought the jump in fuel prices would make some of these guys wake up.
  2. Brianslawn

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    is his name joe?
  3. stumper1620

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    You would think fuel prices would. But I've not seen a change, even plowing is bad, even though fuel cost have doubled from last year.
  4. TClawn

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    how could you possibly make a profit mowing for $30 an acre? even if you do not have taxes to pay, you could make just as much working in a retail store for the time it takes you when you take out gas for the truck and equipment.
  5. lawnprosteveo

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    I think it probably takes a year or two in the biz to "get it". After they work so hard all summer and start to realize they arent making hardly anything per hour, then they might rethink their pricing....
  6. I do the same thing for $25, but only as a first time mow up to 1/2 acre. A try before you buy deal. Not once have I not gained a new account this way.
  7. PTP

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    It is possible that some of these guys advertising mowing so cheap are simply advertising MOWING cheap. That price might not include trimming, edging, blowing, and that sort of thing.

    Give me a 72" chopper that I can run wide open and don't complain about the quality and I'll mow at $30 and acre too.
  8. lawnsbyrj

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    forget that cheaper first, then they want it for free, I am HIGH on 1st time cause I have gotten the yeah every week lets get this Jungle under control i quote a price do the work then "oh we are gonna let our son(insert your story here) do it from now on. I take pride in selling my services and quote a job 3 ways
    #1 A one time deal
    #2 as needed usually a little less than #1
    #3 a yearly contract (saves tehn about %10) but keeps my payments being made.
    burn me once shame on U burn me twice shame on me
  9. Pecker

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    Dont' worry. He won't be around next year.
  10. Green-Pro

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    your right this has been beat to death, brought back to life, beat to death again, brought back to life, beat to; well you get the picture.

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