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  1. kemmer

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    Im trying to plan ahead and budget my expenses. I have $30,000 saved to start up again, ill give you a list of stuff i saved from this business before i sold it. i was thinking possible another truck as well, but idk if ill have that cash right away. Doing res/commercial cutting(larger properties) and landscaping/hardscaping

    01 Silverado 2500HD Crew w/ New western Plow
    9hp Little Wonder
    Echo Extended Hedge trimmer
    Redmax 8000 Blower
    Echo Chain Saw

    18ft Enclosed Trailer

    Continue from here guys, remember, budget of 30,000
  2. J Hisch

    J Hisch LawnSite Senior Member
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    1 Walker 26 Hp with 48" bagging deck plus 52 inch discharge deck with mulch kit. 12, 500.00 you will be set for leaves, and high end properties.

    1 giant vac truck loader 2500.00

    dump insert 2500.00, plus wood for leaf box 400.00

    3 Echo 260's 1200.00

    1 Quick 36" walk behind 3000.00

    1 Sthil Saw for cutting block etc. 600.00

    2 hand held blowers 600.00

    leave the rest of the cash for incidentals.

    total 20,400
  3. jazak

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    1- Exmark Lazer Z HP 56"- $9500 +/-

    1- Exmark Viking 36"- $5000 with bagger & sulky

    2- Redmax BCZ-2600- $400 ea.

    1- Stihl BR-600- $470

    1- Stihl Cut-off saw $750

    1- Bill Goat HTR Truck Loader- $2800

    1- Aluminum Truckcraft dump insert- $5000 installed.

    1- New or slightly used truck- $5680 down payment *I would put the insert on this one*

    Total $30,000
  4. mrusk

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    You won't need another truck right away, so scratch that.

    If i was you, i'd buy a demo saw, a wacker 1550 compactor, and what ever mower you wanted.


    GBSLAND LawnSite Member
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    1. Buy out a small Company with 30-40 Lawns, say roughly $4000
    2. Aluminun Dump insert by truck Craft. I thnik those run about $6500 out here
    3. 52" or 61" Wright Stander w/Bag $6000
    4. 36" Scag Walk Behind Hydro $4500
    4* 36" SCag walk Behind Belt $2800 (if you dont wanna spend the money on the hydro)
    5. 20' Enclosed Tralier (nothing Fancy) $4500

    Save the rest
  6. Evergreenpros

    Evergreenpros LawnSite Bronze Member
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    $5000 advertising
    $1200 21inch commercial mower
    $300 trimmer
    $1400 open trailer and a trimmer rack
    $2800 belt drive 48inch mower
    $1300 for "other" unforseen stuff(loadhandler, bed insert, gas cans, etc)

    12k total

    Save the rest and use the money of the business to upgrade as you need it.
  7. ALarsh

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    from Midwest
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    $7,500 advertising = one busy phone line
    $3,500 Used exmark TTHP (easy to find) w/ sulkey
    $1500 open trailer with racks
    $300 trimmer

    $12,800 total

    Save the rest, no need to blow it all. btw, what did you sell for?
  8. kemmer

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    Heres what i was thinking, possibly, not sure about the dump trailer, but i could use it for mulch, spring clean ups, holds grass before i go to the dump, dumpster and equipment trailer. it may be useful

    18ft Well Cargo Enclosed $7000ish
    Toro/Exmark 52" w/ Bagger $?
    36" mower $1500-3000
    2 Trimmers $900
    Redmax 8000 $500
    Dump Trailer $6000....Maybe w/ leaf vac

    Lettering $500-1000 ??
    Advertising, bus cards, mailings etc. $1000-2000

    Changing the company name too to [​IMG]
  9. kemmer

    kemmer LawnSite Senior Member
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    Im going to school for landscape construction @ Umass Amherst. its a 2 year program so im planning ahead, interest will let my money grow a bit, so i may have 1000 or 2 more. But im going to start looking for equipment by the end of next summer
  10. Frontier-Lawn

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