30.5 x 50.5 building pad and grading pricing

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    Guys I am one of the first to comment on a price, but I wanted to check myself on this one.

    building pad to be built. 30.5 foot x 50.5 foot
    we shot the site and are at 170 cubic yards of fill (this includes 19% for compaction)
    all dirt is to be brought in from off site.
    found dirt for sale 9 miles away and we can haul 20yds at a time.
    (9loads) tri-axle tractor trailer

    customer wants 6-8 inches of slope to front of building (over 50 feet)

    bid is to include 4 inch pad with a 10inch wide x 16 inch deep footing. The pad will have a slick finish (not broomed) Montilitic pour. so if you aren't familiar with the term the footing is incorporated into the pad (one solid pour) the 30.5 x 50.5 includes the footer.

    also to be included is a 2.5 foot x 3 inch deep clean stone #57 perimeter of the building to prevent mud from splashing on the walls of the building and to make erection of building easier in wet conditions.

    we are to build a road 200 foot x 8 foot wide from hs existing driveway for access. 4inch ABC base. There will be 3 hours of grading to widen area for road and divert water from road.

    i came up with
    $1170 for fill hauled in
    $5925 for concrete and backfill (includes perimeter of stone)
    $925.52 for road (stone only)

    $700 for grading pad
    $210 for grading road
    $400 compaction
    $200 dig footers for pad

    grand total $9,530.52

    also the dirt is only costing me $30 a load (20 yards) then my hauling time will be 75 min round trip at $85.00/hr for the truck (this is excessive time for 18 mile round trip but figure on waiting in line to be loaded and such)

    We are not pouring the concrete it is subbed out to a guy that charges $3.40/foot including concrete. He has done various jobs for us and his work is always approved of.

    The customer is erecting the building himself. US Steel Building.
    this is a agricultural building and no building permit is required for such here.

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