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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by wescane, Feb 25, 2006.

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    My name is Wes Fuller with TLC"Total Lawn Care", from the Auburn/Opelika, Alabama area. Started by doing a service to my church with my snapper lawn mower and my split-boom Ryobi. People started asking me to do there yards seeing the church yard starting to take shape. Well my Ryobi tore up and I had to bite the bullet and purchased a Red Max weedeater and edger. When I was buying them the seller asked me about a used Walker with a 42" deck for 3800$. I thought about it for a while and decided to buy it and needless to say it was a good move. I have grown to 30 accounts in about 9 months and need to make a decisions about quitting my full time job. I go in to work at 5 and get of at 1. So I have all afternoon to do yards.

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    Great steal buying that walker. Im no pro yet, but im pretty sure if you quit your full time job. You could dedicate more time to maintenance and turn your 30 new customers in nine months, to 30 customers every 6 months. From experience word of mouth is great. But on a different forum i read that the door hangers are a great way to advertise. You miss a hunded percent of the shots you dont take. Best wish's.
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    Man does that sound familiar. After Hurricane Floyd came through NC with all the flooding, Home Depot did 6 months no interest financing. I bought a Scott's 25/54 lawn tractor, a Ryobi split shaft (trimmer and edger), and an Echo backpack blower. Started maintaining my church and away I went!

    What I wouldn't give to get that Scott's back (sentimental reasons):cry:
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    I just hope that you are an Alabama Fan, Not an Auburn fan.
    Welcome. SY

    Roll Tide.

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