30 acre seeding

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    New to site. Just received a call for a bid on a 30 acre seeding job. From the Tennessee fish and wildlife agency. Does anyone have experience working with these guys? Also how would you guys go about bidding on government jobs? Thanks!
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    It depends on HOW they are soliciting the job?
    Is it an RFQ, RFP, ITB?
    On something that size it’s off you got a call from the agency about it specifically.
    Are you registered with the government for jobs?
    Do you have a duns number? Registered on the gov web site?

    Sometimes with smaller jobs they need done quick they have an “allowance” (like under $5000) they can just have you do the job... but something like that had to go out to bid.
    Which means you have to cross all Ts and double dot the Is just to be considered responsive.

    At over a million square feet something like that , just seeding alone , no preparation is at least $100,000 job.
    Can you get a bond for something of that nature?
    Bids like that typically require bonding.
  3. OP
    JW contracting

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    I'm registered through the government and I have a duns. I've got a few small jobs with government agencies before, Just nothing of this size. Bonds are no problem. I refused because it is too big of a job for me. However, for future opportunities I was just curious how different the bidding was from commercial bids.

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