30 horse generac ? problems

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by petethecro, May 24, 2003.

  1. petethecro

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    I have 40 hrs on a 2003 60 inch with flex deck extreme mochine It was burning over 3 gallons an hr---a dealer just installed a new carbureator--it seems to have more power(not sure about gas usage yet) (it has also used a quart and a half of oil in 40 hrs) (does anyone else out there have any input on these problems) (thanks
  2. wriken

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    I have a 28 hp in a cub tank, it uses alittle more abot a 1/4 more then my 23 kaw. I'm cutting alot more grass with it then I would with the kaw though, so I really don't see it as using alot. Sounds like you have some serious problems with your motor, I changed oil (1st) time at 10 hrs, have close to 50 hr on it now have not used any so far. I'll be changing it this weekend.
  3. Lawn Tek

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    Exact same problems 1.75 qts of oil in 60 hours , 10 gal of gas in
    less than 5 hours , won't start , hot or cold .
    Genrac rename to Genjunk
  4. wriken

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    Last year when I first heard about the cubs with a generac motor, my dealer said it was going to have a 30 hp on it. When they started making the production run, they came thru w/28 hp on it. I asked my dealer last week why they decided to go with the smaller motor, he said during testing cub found some problem with the 30 hp, so went with a 28 hp one. I'm close to 50 hrs, no problems what so ever, and its not really that bad on gas, and no oil consumption, maybe cub found out something bad about the 30 hp'er
  5. Turfclippings

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    I recall Bill @FineLines mentioned to me last week he had problems with his Generac drinking oil and burning 3 gallons fuel very quickly, but said it was very productive. How u can weigh poductiveity versus fuel and oil savings, i cant justify but sounds like there is a very common problem with the 30 hp Generac. Hopefully they can solve it rather quickly.
  6. Farmer Jon

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    :dizzy: i demoed a 60" dixie xtreme mow with the 30 hp. before i bought my super mini. the 30 hp had a ton of power and didn't bog down at all it tall/wet stuff. but and a big but, it was brand new and it seemed to not wanna start, alot. to the point where it was almost embarising sitting on the trailer, crankin' and crankin' at the jobs. i'm still considering a dixie 60" , but not the generac. carb issues or something.
  7. gorrell

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    I've got two of the XT3000-72's with the 30 hp generacs. Had considerable trouble starting both of them until they replaced the starters with ones that turned faster. Now both of them start quite easily. Both of mine burn about 2 gph, but considering how much grass they mow in an hours time I'm not complaining. Generac has made this OHV engine longer(1985) than Kohler has produced an OHV engine, so it's not a new engine by any means. It is one hell of a torque monster, with 992 cc it's the largest twin cylinder unit currently produced to the best of my knowledge. In most instances the XT3000's will do anything that my s'burb'n turb'n will do. I'd definitely buy more Generacs..........Lynn

    WREBELMACHINE LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I know that bladerunner pulled this engine out of there lineup for various issues with it. However they did say it made a lot of power but at that time was unreliable. Not sure if they intend on bringing it back or not.

    GRASS PRO LawnSite Member
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    I think there are several threads on here about the generac engine and the xt dixie choppers having problems. But they are older threads.
  10. Jerry L

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    The Generac engine will because of its displacement (992 cc) will consume up to 3.1 gal/hr. The smaller engines in the market consume less fuel because they cannot do as much work. The Generac engine has a 267 cc advantage over its nearest competitor, in the market place 276 cc engines are 9HP. In other words if you use the power you will use more fuel. If you only work the engine as hard as you did your previous equipment, your fuel consumption will be about the same, but chances are you bought the Generac to use the power.

    Regarding oil consumption. typically the Guardian engine consumes about 1.7 oz @ full load. If you do the math (arces/per hour) you will find the Guardian to be as economical as other current engines.

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